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Winding down and closing

August is generally a great month for fishing and the weather cooperates...not so much. It was windy and rainy the entire month with a few sporadic nice days. Guests had some difficulties finding calm spots to settle in and fish. But fish they did!!! We hosted some great shore lunches and many guests took home limits of northerns and trout. Our water levels finally began to drop on Davin and Wathaman, the portage water current returned to normal and we were catching some great walleye towards the end of the month and into September. Our last guests were in over the Sept long weekend as Matt and I were busy closing cabins and whittling away at the closing list of things to do. One thing we were able to sneak in...we pulled out the carpet in cabins #1 & #2 and I stained the plywood floors! OMG! Amazing what an $8 can of stain can do...can't wait for spring to finish the rest of the cabins and junk ALL the carpet...Nobody wants to see carpet in a cabin, most of all me!

All summer we scouted the lakes for the perfect spot to take this years family picture. I probably picked out a 100 different places on the lake but in the end, Matt chose an island right close to home. The official Davin Lake Photographer, Matt's sister Arlinda, captured our moments beautifully and I couldn't be happier ;D

Davin Lake Owners 2018
Davin Lake Dreamers

Our last fishing day was Sept 6, calm but cool and overcast. We were the only people on the lake which is always so unreal to think about. We fished lots of islands and favourite spots on our way down to Lightle Bay where we lit up with northerns and walleye....matt had previously see a bear den in Lightle while guiding 2 cool dudes from Oklahoma so we went to check it out and show the kids. The terrain around the den is pretty beaten down so I'm sure its an active den. There is also a spring with pretty decent flow coming in and that's where we hit the northerns so good.

It was a family event putting the last boat away in the quonset and locking the door to make it an official end to our season.

Our 2 lumps in the bow of the boat on our last fishing day as we travelled down to Lightle Bay

Freja 'driving' the last boat over to the quonset Sept 6


Wathaman was a revolving door this year....we put in a bit of money and a lot of sweat equity to clear the junk out of the Outpost. I purged junk from the Outpost cabins and guide house and we did a big burn, then we packed up some more junk to dispose of back at Davin. In multiple trips we were able to bring back all the less than reliable boats through the portage with the water levels being so high. Matt had parked the last 2 over on the Davin side and at the end of August we brought those last 2 back to the main lodge. Matt towed one full of junk behind the pontoon and I drove the leakiest son of a bitch back on my own...I thought I was going down for sure, but I made it back to the main lodge after bailing 217 large nabob coffee tubs of water out of the boat. Now, I am not the most proficient boater, nor am I all that confident driving a boat alone, but I did it! I was not waiting around for Matt, who followed me just in case the boat filled with water and sunk...yes, it leaked that much!


Stay tuned folks!! I am slowly updating the website, in between other things at the moment, so check back regularly because there are a few things in store for 2019 including a fall trout season with limited spots!! For those of you that have already contacted me about a spot in 2019, I am working to get get my 2019 book started and I will be reaching out for confirmations throughout October!

*We are booked in for the Great Rockies Sportshow in Helena, MT during February 2019. Looking forward to seeing more of this great city and all its awesome people again!

BIG THANK-YOU going out to everyone who stayed with us in 2018! Davin Lake is our passion and our dream and we can't do it without sharing this beautiful place with you! We are so very grateful for this opportunity so Thank-YOU for choosing Davin Lake Lodge and sharing so many positive stories with your fellow fisherman who have yet to experience our lakes and lodge! Looking forward to 2019 and seeing what it brings....hopefully more sunshine than in 2018!

Drive or Fly...Adventure North to Davin Lake Lodge

Matt, Danica, Milo, Freja and TIMBER

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Sep 17, 2018

Let me know the dates on the fall trout trip!

Thanks again for the fantastic hospitality.

See you in 2019!

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