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We have 6 tidy rental cabins.  Each cabin includes 2 bedrooms, 2-piece bath with flushing toilet and running water, kitchenette with running water, refrigerator with freezer,3-burner stove top (no oven), table and 4 chairs, couch & comfy chair.  Each kitchenette is stocked with pots, pans, utensils, plates, cups, bowls, cutting board, coffee pot & toaster...multiple BBQ's available  

Each cabin has a variety of sleeping options:

Cabin 1&2-2 bedroom with a double bed in each room and a single loft bed (sleeps 3-5)

Cabin 3, 4 & 5-2 bedroom with a double bed , 2 sets of bunkbeds and a loft bed (sleeps 6)

Cabin 6-the only cabin we have that is one bedroom with a queen bed, one set of bunkbeds and a loft bed (sleeps up to 5).

**due to the 2020 pandemic, we are asking guests to bring their own blanket. Pillows are new each year and each mattress has a fresh triple sheet layer to protect guests and our mattresses.  This policy may change in time.  If a bedroll has been forgotten, we will provide a clean & fresh blanket/pillow.


We have 2 complete shower rooms all with new fixtures.  One room is small and the other room is smaller but is complete with flushing toilet, hot/cold sink, hot running shower, paper towel dispenser, toilet paper, face soap (individually wrapped), and common use shampoo/body wash. Showers are FREE but guests are requested to spray all fixtures down after each use with the provided cleaning solution. Cleaned by hand daily by Danica.


All boats in our fleet are Lund 14' & 16' with the majority of our 16' boats purchased in the last 5 years.  The motors we operate are 15hp Hondas (14') as well as 25hp Yamaha (16').  The 16' boats come with a depth finder and all boats are rented with a daily tank of fuel along with a 5gal can, enough to get home!  Typically boats leave the dock at 0800h (after a quick operating inservice on the first morning) and are due back to the dock by 1800h.  Prior arrangements can be made with Matt to leave or return at alternate times.

Guests are welcome to bring their own boats for their Adventure and are able to tie-up to our dock at no charge.


The 1800' runway is now operated as a private airstrip versus an aerodrome/airport.  In time we may lose our call letters but we will forever refer to it as Charlie, Kilo, Whiskey 6!  

The runway is 150 wide with a smooth sand/grass landing base.  It runs 210 degrees magnetic at an altitude of 1200 feet above sea level and is located at: 56' 26 '26 North, 103' 35 '20 West

We have many private 172-185 Cessnas land with us.  We have hosted an American Bonanza for a few days before they passed on to Jasper AB to finish their Canadian tour.  We also have a Twin Baron visit us yearly.  We have hosted bush pilots, helicopter crews, & private pilots.  If you would like a reference or a professional opinion on our runway, please reach out and I will be happy to forward you an experience pilot to contact.

*We NOW supply AVGAS...please confirm approx litres needed

**We do not have a regularly scheduled flight in to Davin Lake Lodge and only provide assistance with fly-in arrangements.


Our ice is typically off by May 25 but that can vary by a week each way.

June- Cool ,spring weather with rainy periods.  Rain gear, boots and extra layers are a must! Lake trout are shallow and can readily be caught along with Northern Pike and Walleye. A s the weather warms the lake, the trout will head for deeper water approx the third week of June, making trophy pike, eater pike and walleye more active in where the trout were.

July- Warm weather with less frequent spring rains.  The water temp is appropriate for swimming in the shallows around our dock area. Pike and Walleye are most active until the third week of July when our hottest weather warms water temps and slows things down.  You can still catch plenty of Northern Pike and Walleye but you may need to travel a bit and change lures and fishing depths to be most successful.  Trout are stacked in 40-80' deep water and can be jigged or down rigged from the depths using TC Moto baits, buzz bombs or other weighted lures.

August- Hot and dry weather until the middle of the month when the lake makes the fall change.  The water is too cool to swim aside for an occasional day or two.  The Northern Pike liven up with the cooler water and walleye fishing is specific to certain areas of the lake...will need to travel for good Walleye.  Trout remain in 40-80' until the end of the month.

September- Cool mornings and evenings but the sun is warm during the day.  Good eater Northern Pike and Trophy Northern Pike fishing.  Walleye are migrating and trout shallow to 20-40' during the first two weeks of the month.  Middle of September is cool with daytime temps typically less than 10 degrees Celsius and overnight temps below zero.  There may be snow, but the trout are shallow for females to spawn and they are greedily hungry for any bait/lure.


There is sporadic cellular service throughout Northern Saskatchewan and during your drive in. Cell service drops 20 minutes North of LA.  You can pick it up again at Missinippe, Brabant and Southend Junction.  In fishing camp, there is limited reliable WIFI that is appropriate for FaceTime calls, checking emails or updating Facebook/Instagram.  We also have a free satellite phone line for anyone who wants to make a phone call.  Our wifi is not appropriate for downloading anything or for streaming in any way.  We have a very limited amount of data monthly and a number of guests who require a fast connection.  Please be mindful of this and download any apps, maps or movies you want prior to arrival.


There are frequently bears and wolves in the vicinity of camp.  We are very diligent with our garbage and remove it from camp nightly.  Bears are inquisitive and destructive, please store all food coolers, snacks and pop in your cabin nightly.  The 2020 bear hunting season did not happen due to the American/Canadian border closure therefore, 2021 may see an increase of bear activity in camp.  We will have bear spray, bear bangers and air horns readily available for anyone in camp to use if a bear is spotted.  Please don't hesitate to use these items then report all sightings to Matt, Gus, Kevin or Danica.  Milo and Freja wear Fox 40 whistles to alert any and all adults in camp to any wildlife activity!

Other wildlife that may be seen are: fox, moose, caribou, otter, wolverine, weasel, beaver, bat, geese, crane, eagle, chicken, ptarmigan, fisher, and pine martin.

8. DOGS:

Our dogs, Timber and BARK are in camp for the entire season.  This will be BARK'S first year in camp so please be patient with her manners.  Timber and BARK are very friendly, love kids and all other dogs.  You are more than welcome to bring your own dog with prior approval but you are responsible for cleaning up after your pet. Bags on site and can be provided.

Timber is a known BBQ flipper thief and has already taught BARK her methods...If you don't want your flipper licked and laying int he sand while you cook, take it inside with you.  We will put our dogs away during mealtimes to prevent this.

Timber and BARK are on-site as a bear deterrent and to protect our kids.  Please do not feed either dog table food or challenge Timber into play...scratches and playing fetch is of course appreciated!


Davin Lake & Wathaman Lake fall under general Saskatchewan limits and are as follows:

5-Northern Pike 



*generous slot sizes*

All trophy fish are catch and release, which is a long-standing Davin Lodge tradition.  This is in effort to help conserve and protect the fish population of the 2 expansive lakes.

10. FISHING LICENCE: Guests will need to ensure their licence is valid in the "NORTH ZONE" which can only be purchased for a yearly duration.

Saskatchewan Fishing License INFO & ACCESS



(2 part process if you have never fished in Saskatchewan before)

 1). Sign up for a HAL #: free, one - time online registration, which enables you to purchase an angling license.

(create account)

2). Once you have your HAL# you can purchase an angling license online. (sign into your account)

Click the button below to create your HAL# and/or purchase a fishing license.


Deposits preferred by e-transfer or cheque in the mail.

~E-Transfer to:

~Mail to: 


PO Box 294

Lloydminster, SK S9V 0Y2


-Balance of trip due before departure from DLL.  We accept cash, cheque, e-transfer & credit card while in camp.

-All credit card transactions are subject to an additional 4%  fee and are processed by the Square App.

Cancellation Policy

  • Because we are a small-scale, seasonal operation, cancellations significantly impact our ability to operate successfully.  Most of our reservations are received months in advance, and thus short-notice cancellations drastically limit our ability to re-book vacancies.

  • A $250/per cabin NON-REFUNDABLE deposit is now standard and is due at time of booking to receive trip confirmation.

  • We highly recommend travel insurance to protect your vacation investment


Davin Lake Fishing Map
Davin Lake Map
Wathaman Lake Fishing Map


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