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Wild Wathaman Adventure

$250.00 per person/day.

Cabins, Boats w/Fuel, Transport to and from Outpost.

Maximum 6 people occupancy.

Wathaman Outpost

will not take any new bookings until April 2024

There are only 9 yearly slots available for Wathaman Outpost.  Out of those 9 slots, 5 are reserved a year in advance by repeat guests to the Outpost.  Wathaman Outpost is a trip of a lifetime...lots of people have been to remote lakes, but not like Wathaman!  Wathaman Lake is huge, nearly twice the size of Davin Lake and under 50 people a year fish less than 10% of water. Fish bite like crazy...One of our return guests once went 16 for 17 casts catching walleye right from the shore at the outpost cabin...they had just arrived for their week and had not even unpacked yet!  You're thinking bullshit...I say BULL TRUE!

Wathaman Outpost maxes out at 6 people per group.  The group must arrive at Davin Lodge by noon for same-day transport over to the cabin.  Pending vacancy at Davin, the group can book a nights stay at Davin then transport over the following morning at 0800.  In this instance, the group will have breakfast with the main lodge included in their stay prior to heading over.

The group will be able to drive down to the dock to load their gear into the lead boat and the trailing boat.  When you set off, it will be a 40 minute ride to the portage, pending weather conditions.  The lead boat will assist the trailing boat to park above the rapids and tie off so gear can be carried over the boardwalk portage from the Davin to the Wathaman side where boats will be waiting.  Load em up and its another 15 minute ride to the cabin from the portage.  On a good day, you can see the cabin from the top steps of the portage!

Wathamn Outpost Cabin from the portage
Jay and Emily at Collins rapids on the pink river-wathaman

When you arrive at the Outpost, Matt will go through various operating tips for the water system, propane, generator, fuelling procedure and daily radio communication with the main lodge...that's right, no cell service!  Then, he will leave your group to fish the days away!

Rustic wooden wathaman outpost signage on shore in front of cabin

The Wathaman cabin has the same footprint as all the cabins at the main camp.  It has a kitchenette, table/chairs, wood stove, bunk beds, indoor 3-piece bathroom with running water for a hot about roughing it! There is a full size fridge with freezer as well as a deep freeze on site.  The kitchen is stocked with pots, pans, coffee pot, toaster and utensils.

The cabin has running non-potable water.

Each group is responsible for cleaning the cabin prior to departure including but not limited to counters wiped, fridge wiped out, floors swept and spot wiped,  shower rooms cleaned leaving the cabin tidy and presentable for the next group.  Please see the suggested packing list at the end of this page.

Wathaman Outpost Cabin

The weather and the water can be wild on Wathaman but I have also seen the lake flat like glass.  South of the cabin is the Pink River...each of the 4 sets of narrows offers fantastic northern pike and walleye fishing set in the most breathtakingly untouched landscape.  


The 4th set of narrows is a perfect place to set up a shore lunch or you can keep heading south on the Pink to reach Collins Rapids. There is a landing area but be careful, it can be difficult to get to amid the rocks and currents.


If you decide to go for it, you have arrived at a beaten trail portage that is use by many canoe groups throughout the summer...don't be alarmed if you see canoers on Wathaman! It is a well travelled area for many other Adventurers that is actually a portion of a route that leads right to Hudson Bay!  A rarely documented, former fur trade route, step into history and imagine the trials of many old time trappers who travelled and risked their lives on that same set of rocks.

Wathaman Landscape
Matt and Friend admiring the drop of Collins Rapids
 Collins Rapids on the Pink River south of Wathaman Outpost

said the water can be can be calm then within minutes can be downright dangerous.  Get caught in the wide open, miles from camp and it can be scary for the inexperienced. Matt and I have been caught up...check out the June 22, 2020 blog post to read about the experience.

Wathaman is a treasure trove for the walleye and trophy pike fishermen.  Spring and fall the portage and certain areas of Wathaman will have trout but not in any significant numbers like the Walleye and Pike populations. They bite on anything that moves or shimmers, I'm sure you could catch a fish on a paperclip!  One time we were down on the Pink and Freja was splashing her hand in the water at the front of the boat...just as she pulled her hand out an unbelievably huge northern pike jumped out to eat her hand...She was quick thank god!  The fish was so big I'm sure it would have bite her hand clear off or dragged her out of the boat!

Wathaman Trophy Pike
Wathaman Trophy Pike
Wathaman Trophy Pike
Wathaman Trophy Pike
32" Trophy Walleye Wathaman Outpost
Walleye caught on fly at Wathaman
Wathaman Walleye
Cool guy with his Trophy Pike
Trophy Walleye on Wathaman
Big Wathaman Trout
Quick catch from the Davin Lake Wathaman Lake Portage

I have fished almost every lake in Northern Saskatchewan (I am 77, and have went since I was 7 into the North) and Wathaman is truly special.

For being remote, the accommodations are first class, from the boats and motors to the filleting shack, running water, hot shower, power, the whole shiteroo actually.

The beauty of Wathaman is you can catch a Pike, Pickeral or Lake Trout on any cast using the 5 of Diamonds, the only hook you need.

Wathaman is one of the greatest lakes I have been blessed to fish.

~Gerald Gustafson

Gerald Gustafson with son jay and friend curly at wathaman around the campfire

~Having the ability to target world-class Northern Pike, Walleye and Lake Trout on a fly rod or with conventional tackle makes this one of the most unique fisheries in Canada.  Its remoteness and exceptional fishing makes this a truly special place that keeps me coming back every year.  Danica and Matt are terrific hosts and will do anything they can to make your visit a trip of a lifetime!

~ Glen Downs, Calgary

Lake Trout caught on fly rod at Wathaman Portage
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