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The finest trophy pike, walleye and lake trout fishing northern Saskatchewan fishing lodges have to offer!

Frejas first fish of the season
first trout of the season, there is still ice on the lake in the background!
trophy pike
Cheech my wood-fired yoder smoker...full of meat!
black bear caught on a trail cam along the runway
Kevin and a walleye
Ken & Lois with their daily catch
Great trout for a daily catch
Good fish glen!

Rippin' Drag in 2021

ken and his nice walleye
forest covered rock face with a boat in the foreground
Boats retuning to the dock at the end of the day
Happy walleye
Cosmo group daily catch
Diana's daily catch
Tim's trophy pike
Pa's impromptu french fry fire caught on camera.
big awkward trophy pike
Freja's daily catch
picture perfect trout
storm approaching the runway
Shae and her beauty portage trout
walleye and a bud light
group daily catch
Travis and a trophy pike
travis and an awesome trout
random caribou on shore
wee walleye
naked hood ornament..boys being boys
wathaman shore lunch
Davin Lake shore lunch lineup
Ryan monster pike
Danica yearly trophy pike
Wathaman trophy pike
wathaman trophy pike
wathaman trout
collins rapids pink river wathaman
Ryan walleye
wolf caught on runway trail cam
Corporate group picture
Alvin trophy pike
wathaman trophy pike
wathaman trophy pike
perfect walleye for this young. man
big old walleye
family daily catch
wathaman trout
Janelle nice walleye
Jace nice pike

Rippin' Drag 2021

Jace and his fantastic trout
jay, wathaman pike
Shanna and her walleye
Niiiice pike
walleye from the 'T'
trophy pike at dusk
great looking walleye
Family getaway to DLL
grandpa and Jace catch some pike
Davin lake daily catch board back in the day..early 80's
family fishing trip..back after 30 years
Shanna catching walleye
grandpa and Jayden holding a walleye
Boys and their daily catch on the board
big pike from the 'T'
new logo new sign at the top of the driveway greets guests
Freja fishing from dry shod rock
jay and his nice pike
daily catch board full of fish
view of camp from the overlooking rock face
Kevin caught this nice walleye off the end of the dock!
portage rapids
bright pink and purple water plant, only seen at a select few places on our lakes
Walleye pro
This gal is a walleye pro
what a walleye caught by this pro
baby ducklings heading for cover
jay wathaman walleye
wathaman pike
wee wathaman walleye
great pike
Kevin holding Danica pike
bear outside of the lodge
minnows in the shallows
Russ with a FULL daily catch board
tasty trout
private plane is actually a kit plane home built
private plane
daily catch board bruce and Gilbert
twinning walleye
Russ with a nice pike
green northern lights with stars lit in the background
Travis with a nice little walleye
eagle feather in the foreground with a tall, fall leafed poplar tree and the rock face in the background
beautiful pink sunset over the lake with a birch tree and bushes in the foreground
red low-lying leaves with deadfall around and the portage rapids inthe background
fall pike with chuck
big big man holding a big fall pike
fall pike fishing with kelly
decent pike on outstretched arms
kelly caught a perch! baitfish on Davin and hard to catch
amazing orange and purple sunset overlooking camp from the rock face
the real monster of the lake...protected of course
magnificent caribou spotted on the lake, he gets bigger every year!
fishing off the end of the dock at sunset
casting on still water on a bluebird day
campfire hotdogs
matt. kicked my ass on fall pike
Goodbye whiteboard

Year 5

Cheers to 5 years and many more to come.  Thank-you to our guests for continuing to visit such a great place!  Shout out to PA for hanging in and hanging out...Kevin too.  We wouldn't be able to run the show as smoothly without you both.  

We had a nice two weeks in camp before our first groups arrived.  We were able to take time as a family and enjoy the late ice-off.  The kids are appreciating the solitude and freedom of camp more and more....They would be game to go back if we got in the truck tomorrow!  We took another really light week at the end of July just to hang out and fish as a family.  It was a good break from the busy season schedule and it helped get us geared up for the second half.  We did a few nice projects around camp and we got out to do some evening fishing.  Let's just say we balanced out the work/life relationship a bit better this

We will dream and plan and look forward to 2022 all winter and we are so excited to savour and share every moment.  Every single moment from ice off and startup, every fish big or small, breakfasts, shore-lunch, campfires, rainy days, starry nights, a beer and a laugh in the fillet house, our adventures and most importantly, your adventures!  It's who we are and what Davin Lake Lodge is all about.  

Stay safe, happy and well, we hope to share Davin Lake Lodge with you in 2022!

Matt, Danica, Milo, Freja, and of course Timber & BARK!!

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