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Ice off & Early Season 2022

Early spring ice off
open water coming soon
pooling water, nice sign of spring
swans stopping over
fishing in two weeks
dockis in and so are most of the boats
first boat to hit the water
Northern dog track
fillet house crew
dock dressing

Glen, Dennis & crew
First Wathaman group 

nice trout glen
nice walleye dennis
standard wathaman
what else would you put in the cooler
organic supper
sunset standard

Steve and son travis

DLL spring walleye
cold water walleye
happy fathers day
Spectacular sunset
dad and daughter walleye
Timber sunbathing
dock lights
Bear been by
smoke on the water


extended family fun times
nice catch
davin lake sunset
Trophy whiteboard

Don & Crew

Don and crew

Canada Day

Canada day for the highway
canada day camp

Wathaman Pike Hunters
Dixon Group

Wathaman's finest
runner up
trout rockor wathaman?
walleye fishery
wathaman walleye factory
foggy portage
Wathaman camp from the portage top step (top left)
Fillets coming up
wake day
rare moth that comes back year after year
lucky pike for theguy who trolls 2mi back
alberta wild rose, trophy pike, walleye lake trout
KUIU new rain pants
pike spit out a burbot...

Jay & Crew

This group dominated Wathaman this year.  The group who never went anywhere twice is now looking forward to year 6 AT WATHAMAN in 2023.  This group when as far south on the Pink River to as far North on Wathaman and deep into the Wathaman River.  Let's hope they left map notes for others on the Wathaman wall map in the outpost cabin.

Wathaman transport
Perfect old sign
happy couple
Pike river-Collins Rapids
happy walleye
canoe route, quick portages

Jay and Emily

Easily the best shot of the summer

Collins Rapids, Pink River, Wathaman Lake

best photo 2023
Jay and emily
Wathaman RIver
fourth narrows
McKenzie Rapids
As secluded as it gets and the best fishing on the planet...right here.
McKenzie rapids-drone
drone for the win
trophy pike, walleye, lake trout
Outpost camp far
Outpost camp near
Great day on Wathaman Lake

Thank you Jay for your continued loyalty and for your love of fishing on Wathaman. Also, for your enthusiasm for sharing your favourite fishin' hole with great friends!

Organic lettuce
see you later shore lunch
fresh white walleye fillets
Northern Dog highway
Bruce and Pa


These 2 brought their young kids and parents to Davin 36 years ago.  Last year they brought their daughter back, with her children. This year, both daughters and their families came. We hope the Davin Tradition continues for them for years to come.

family vacation
happy trout
sibling trout
Great end to a great trip

Fox Family & Friends

matching family



Portage family
catching up in the current

Miller Clan from MT.
First time at Wathaman

Wathaman transport
Getting back from the outpost


follow the map
famiyl sunset

The kids and I camped out on the runway so we could catch the Perseids meteor shower

people like the sign

Timber found a baby toy in the Fox cabin after they departed. For weeks she cared for it and carried it around.

meteor shower
Timbers baby

The best guy to get a big fish...Newly retired, Jimmy the Greek!  

I think this was day 9 of his official retirement!

hows retirement going?

Russ, Ordean and the boys

great day out there guys

Girls trip
dad 'smokey'

father daughter bonding
who left the lights on
too many lights?

No camera filters for these Northern lights

northern lights and stars

The girls

pontoon fishing
friends at hte portage
25 years and counting
doggie sisters

This is Kelly from OK and his buddy Chuck. Kelly's like our brother from another country and is my always my favourite guest to cook for.  We eat good, laugh lots and drink too much.  Kelly is our only guest that Matt guides for and is one of our last guests at the end of the season.  Kelly has been waiting to catch his trophy pike...Chuck has already caught multiple trophies over the years but this was Kelly's year!  Matt took them to the furthest reaches of Wathaman for a change of scenery and because weather was cooperating.

The boys slayed the Pike on Davin & Wathaman, found a thick school of walleye up at Michael's Bay and picked up some good trout on the big lake. 

Big man big fish

Big Man, big pike

September walleye
International trade deal
volunteer pansy
Eagles nest

 Travis from Prairie Rec in Prince Albert, stopped by for a visit with the Yamaha reps.  They were on their way to Wollaston to review the big fleet up there.  We talked motors, discussed maintenance and performance issues, traded swag then took a pic.
open Invitation to stay with us next year!

Yamaha and Prairie Rec

Family picture night

family photos
family drone shot
2023 photo 1
2023 photo 2
2023 photo 3
2023 photo 4
how many ties have we been married

Check out the end of season photos from October in the latest blog post titled


Quick Vids

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