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We fell in love with Davin Lake Lodge for our family's future.  The secluded and exclusive access to nature and trophy fishing on Davin Lake and Wathaman Lake is our paradise!  Drive or fly...Adventure North, and spend some time enjoying our playground in the Canadian Shield of Northern Saskatchewan.

Matt, Danica, Milo, Freja & Timber


We have just completed our second season and I gotta say we are having a blast!  It was tough to leave and come home this fall as we ALL wanted to stay...Timber most of all!  We LOVE meeting all the new people and getting to hear some great stories from out on the lakes.  We especially love to get out and create our own memories and find new and interesting areas on the lakes.  I caught my personal best this year, a 43" Northern on our way down to the "T".....poor Matt was stuck holding the camera!  Matt had a ton of time out on the lakes this year, guiding and ferrying people to and from the Outpost....he definitely had his hook in the water the most! Milo and Freja didn't want the season to end, especially Milo.  Both kids spend quite a bit of time on the lakes but they enjoyed it even more this year than they did last year...We really couldn't ask for better kids or a better experience for all of us.

Cheers to year 2, 2018 & beyond!!!

I prefer to be out on the lake fishing but my hours on the lake are few and far between.  Every fall I get a couple of days to go anywhere on the lake and fish....every fall I catch my trophy.  This year was 42"


What an excellent year it has been!  The kids are a year older and have been a lot more help around camp.  Freja was helping on the dock this year and both kids were helping in the fillet house.  Milo learned to slab and Freja was having fun washing fish for wrapping.  They will both grow more into certain positions as the years go by.  Freja is more interested in being outdoors than in the kitchen with me although she was a big help around dessert time...everyone disappears when its time to do dishes!  Milo is really interested in learning to guide, but needs to be able to jump out of the boat in the middle of the lake and get back in independently...he also needs to be able to trouble shoot any motor issues...he's learning and its coming!  After all, he is the luckiest fisherman in the family and can pick a good hook for the weather conditions better than anyone else!

We did lots around camp this year, renovated the shower house, which will be a 5-year fix until we build new.  We moved the fuel tanks by the quonset and moved the 5th-wheel over to where the fuel tanks were.  This is in preparation for an 8-man winterized bunk house...I see ice-fishing at Christmas in our future! We are completing the kitchen renovation late August and will tin the lodge roof and paint kitchenettes in cabins this fall as well.

Our clientele has grown considerably although we still have more spaces to fill to be truly run off our feet!  We asked many of you for constructive criticism and feedback...which will only help us to further grow Davin Lodge into a great destination!  We took every comment very seriously, making little tweaks here and there to evolving and revamping our plans moving forward. 


We will keep dreaming if you all keep wishin you were fishing!  

Cheers to year 3, 2019 and beyond!

Drive or Fly...Adventure North to Davin Lake Lodge

Matt, Danica, Milo, Freja & Timber

I prefer to be out on the lake fishing but my hours on the lake are few and far between. Every fall, I get a couple of days to go anywhere on the lake and fish...every fall I catch my trophy...this year was 43"

Beautiful location, fantastic fishing, nice cabins, amazing hosts and fabulous food!!  What is there not to love!  Highly recommend staying here, it is well worth the drive.  Thanks for everything you guys, we will definitely be back!!

 Krysten Sullivan

After visiting this summer, all I can say is that we left with a little piece of our hearts at Davin Lake Lodge and cannot wait to go back!  If you or someone you know is sitting on the fence about maybe taking a fishing trip-then by all means contact this lodge!  I cannot say enough good about it.  

Becky Lins

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