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Davin Lake Lodge logo
Davin Lake Lodge logo


From the moment you arrive we will make you feel welcome and at ease.  Check in at the unique main lodge for a visit and brief camp orientation.  Familiarize yourself with the lake maps, browse the well-stocked tackle shop then get set to start your Adventure!

Main Lodge


Every tidy cabin rental has a 1/2 bath, Full-sized fridge, three-burner stove and linens.  Settle in to your semi-modern accommodations and have the greatest sleep thanks to the freshest air the North has to offer!

Cabin interior
Cabin interior
Cabin interior
Cabin interior


All boats in our fleet are LUND.  Sixteen foot boats each with a 25 HP four-stroke motor.  A newer 150' dock has plenty of room for you to bring your own boat (at no charge)


Our 1800 foot aircraft runway is 150 wide with a smooth landing base.  It runs 210 degrees magnetic at an altitude of 1200 feet above sea level.  Our airport code is CKW6 and the strip is located at:

56' 26 '26 North, 103' 35 '20 West

Our strip supports most light aircraft types as it heads out unobstructed over the lake, so all you want is a headwind.

Please note:

*Our airport is listed as PPR and is given when an adventure is confirmed.

*Flying in is not required to access our unbelievable fishing adventures ;D

Lund boats on dock
Lund boats on dock
Main Lodge


We have exclusive access to Davin Lake and Wathaman Lake as we are the only lodge on both lakes.  There a handful of private cabins on Davin, but only a couple remain in use. Generally, the only way onto these lakes is through Davin Lodge, so any boat you run into on the lakes should be a lodge Lund. 

800 miles of pristine Boreal Forest shoreline and Davin Lodge was carved out of it...its amazing and the scenery is breathtaking!  Davin is split into little Davin and big Davin lake. Our laminated, colour-coded maps are perfect for finding your catch or navigating from little to big lake through the narrows. Our daily shore lunch is hosted on Sandy Beach, a main navigational marker on little Davin Lake.  Davin and Wathaman are both moving water as the Davin river flows into big Davin Lake, which then flows into Wathaman at our short boardwalk portage.  There are islands galore, many of which are easily accessible for you to get out, explore and pick handfuls of blueberries for a snack.  From rocky points and cliffs with plunging water depths of 150' or greater, to sandy beaches, shallow sandy-reed inlets and river beds, there will be no shortage of areas to fish and opportunities to catch either the big one or your generous take-home limit. The lake hosts a variety of species, but the preferred daily catch is Northern Pike, Walleye & Trout.  The deep, cold water is perfect to buzz bomb trout from the depths on a calm day. Ask us where the fish are for the time of year you stay with us...we will let you know where to find them!


Where big Davin flows into Wathaman lake, you will find a landing point above the rapids.  Jump out and take the short boardwalk portage over to the Wathaman side and fish below the rapids to snag Walleye and Pike or hop in a boat and go explore Wathaman for the day.  Wathaman too, is moving water.  The Pink and Wathaman Rivers flow in and Wathaman River flows out.  Wathaman is larger than Davin but can be more difficult to navigate as the north and south ends are full of twists, turns, narrows, channels and reefs.  It is recommended to use GPS for those who are not experienced on the lake. Wathaman does not have the plunging depths of Davin, therefore, trout is limited to early spring and fall.  A conservation officer is quoted saying Wathaman is a "walleye factory". Historically, less than 20 people a year have fished Wathaman so the Northerns and Walleye are aggressive and plentiful. Wathaman Lake is home to our outpost cabins, which are identical to the cabins at the main lodge. We can accommodate MAX 6 in a group for a minimum of 3 days at a time.  We take your group and your gear over to Wathaman and help you get settled. The outpost runs on generator and has a hot shower and flushing toilet.  You cook for yourself and need to bring your own bedroll with pillowcase, but the seclusion and privacy for your group is unparalleled.  You will not run into another boat on this lake, period.  

Trifecta of fish: Pike, Walleye & Trout
Shore Lunch Sandy Beach
Davin lake Lodge logo
Fire Pit
amazing rocks sitting on shore for the last 15 million years
Portage rapids
Shore Lunch
Davin Landscape
Portage fishing
Davin lake Lodge logo
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