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100 days until GO TIME!

What the hell happened to winter??? I thought I had 6-7 months to get ready for 2024!!! Clearly I maybe wasn't using my time wisely enough because here we are...100 days until the North Zone opens and we start our 2024 season! In all actuality I have been very busy....This was the earliest and busiest booking season yet! My fishermen friends did not disappoint me and locked in their days as soon as I said go! The 2024 season in nearly filled to our capacity and I am certain we will be sold out before we even get started. I will be sure to include our remaining availability at the end of this post.

So what HAVE we been doing??? Matt started the off season by completing his Class 1 licence! Its always nice to start the off-season with a bit of time at home together as a family but we had a real good run of it this year! Usually its a week at home then we are both running in different directions...this year it was over a month before he was back to an irregular, work-away schedule. I of course was back to Home Care as soon as they would have me. I miss the clients, the visiting and of course a bit of pocket money lol. I work when I can, when time permits in between my end of season paperwork and when I am not writing applications for grants, lending and other essential business stuff. Once November 1 rolled around and early booking started for the eager fishermen, I was consumed by phone calls, emails and texts. Next thing I knew it was Christmas, then new years and boom!!! Now I am looking at only 100 days left before the 2024 season opens!

THe kids occupy the majority of our downtime and weekends...with Matt consumed with work, my work schedule with Home Care needs to be flexible enough to accommodate the kids' busy schedules with school and extra curricular activities. Freja was on the Riptides swim team again this winter and we did ALOT of travelling to swim meets on weekends plus her weekly practice schedule which is 4 days a week. Freja also did 2 rounds of swimming lessons so was in the pool nearly every day off the week. She is currently working on her "Rookie Patrol" with the goal of being a lifeguard and teaching swim lessons in the not too distant future. Freja also completed her babysitting course this winter and is looking forward to applying her new skill set to our neighbour's children in our cul-de-sac...what a girl.

Milo...This kid is so stinkin smart it hurts my own brain. He has worked hard in school to maintain his A average and has worked nearly as hard at staying on track at the gym. He is 'not an athlete" but knows he needs to be active to be healthy. Sometimes its a chore to get him to go but usually he is up and at it 3-4x/week. Its nice we live so close to a workout facility so he can walk to and fro...if he could just make it past the McDonald's without stopping he would have it made lmao! Milo did his first ever First Aid/CPR course...passed with flying colours. I think his Snapchat post was something like: Officially certified to give mouth-to-mouth! With the disclaimer that it was for lifesaving purposes only. Where do kids come up with this stuff, they are so funny!

Milo also made a huge purchase this fall when we returned from the lake. He used his own money that he earned at the lake over the years and bought Pa's 1996 F350! He did some practice driving at Pa's farm then pulled the trigger and bought it. We moved it back to our place in town where Matt and Milo did some work on it...oil change, new headlights, changed the bumper, added a cap, removed the cap, put the cap on Matts truck, detailed the inside, buffed up the outside then they parked it at our storage spot until spring. Milo turns 15 and can get his learners licence (SK) this May, and I cannot wait for this kid to be able to drive....legally lol

So proud of Milo to be so responsible at his age.

What else has been happening??? I already bought 2 new boats, seats and motors for the 2024 season. Every year we say we have enough, but every year I buy another boat. THis year I said fuck it and I am buying 2 boats! I got a decent deal on the boats but man I wished I had bought a bunch of boats in the early days, the prices now are double what I originally paid for boats in 2018...hindsight. Boats are from Nipawin, motors from Prairie Rec in PA and the seats are direct from OBR Marine.

I have finalized our apparel for 2024...standard green hoodies, new supplier though. For our big boys in camp, I made a custom 3X & 4X hoodie with the Davin logo that are longer in the body than a regular 3X so when you lift your arms the belly does not get exposed. THere are a limited number of custom 3x & 4x hoodies available so you will have to be on site and a 2024 guest to get one. We will have four hat options in varying colours...have the standard Camo and the standard flex fit, then I sourced a new hat that looks will have to wait and see! All of the apparel is from It's Time Promotions in Lloydminster, AB.

I also am working on a Wathaman logo which I am hoping will be ready for the 2024 season..Although we are running a light ship over there for 2024, its important to recognize it is its own entity. I have some groups that have only fished wathaman and not davin...its a special place that deserves its own identity. Looking forward to offering some apparel to represent Wathaman Outpost.

I have amalgamated my purchasing lists and streamlined the wants and needs list for 2024...I am ready to get after it and melt the credit cards over the coming weeks! I LOVE this time of year!!! I am just about ready to crack open tackle catalogues and get that whole ordeal underway. It's starts with a wish list...then I get the bill. I whittle it down until the wish list fits the budget and there you have it. I am looking at some Polish lures for walleye, the brand is SALMO...Give it a loook online and send me some suggestions, I love having help to choose.

Matt is currently working away up at Ft. Mac but we are planning a winter sled trip to the lake sometime in March. We had hoped to get up there between Christmas and New Years but it didn't work out, so holding my breath for March! Got my sled all shined up and the new scratchers on so now all I need is Matt to come home and say get in the truck, we are going north!

Remaining Available DAVIN Dates 2024

August 8-12: One Cabin for Independent Adventure

August 12-18: One Cabin for Independent Adventure or All-Inclusive Adventure

August 26-Sept 1: TWO cabins for Independent Adventure OR All-Inclusive Adventure

September: still quite a bit of availability but will fill throughout the summer season. Kitchen will be closed September 15 but coffee will still be on every morning. We will take bookings until September 22, 2024.

THat's it that's all folks....The countdown is ON!!! Looking forward to the 2024 season and all that it will bring #gratitude

Send me a message if you are interested in any of the available dates, have any tackle suggestions or if you have any general questions about your upcoming trip!

See you at the lake!

Danica, Matt, Milo, Freja and of course Timber and BARK!!

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