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Swing High, Swing Low

Good day to all our eager fisher people!! How many days left until your 2024 Adventure North?? 17-21 days until WE relocate for the summer. 25 days until the SEASON OPENS for the North Zone and 28 days until our FIRST GROUP ARRIVES in camp to kick off our 2024 season!!!

I’m sure all of you have been hearing drought conditions repeated on the news….I’m sure you all are seeing some lake pictures on social media from northern BC, Alberta and SK zones showing extremely low water levels, or if you are a prairie person, just driving around you have noticed all the dugouts, sloughs and creeks are dry dry dry!

Well, water levels at Davin are low too, but we still got more water than anywhere south of us lol…not really a laughing matter but we gotta make the best of things right?!?!

Last fall we ended the season with just a slim trickle from Davin to Wathaman at the portage. There were sand bars at the davin camp in the shallows where there should be 3 feet of water…shallow rock piles are out of the water and we were focused on finding new exposed and hidden rock piles…. Locals were calling it a 50 year low.

We had some good snow this winter, not a ton, but at least it was a bit of moisture and we are praying for June rains. I have been to the lake this spring already…snow is almost gone, the ice is melting and we have a good idea where our water level will start at….we goona have a big beach this summer!! Pretty sure the entire shallows out front will be exposed. THe dock will be set at the drop off and we are currently building dock extensions to get over the remaining water soaked sand to reach the dock at its final placement. We have a plan and we have the technology!

I bought 30+ waterski buoys and we will get out there and identify rock piles as best we can starting with the shipping lanes…want to make sure those areas have their hazards clearly identified. Once you get off those shipping lanes we will expect you to slow down and be cautious…we dont want a fucked motor anymore than you want to pay for it!

There WILL be areas and bays that will be landlocked and will be inaccessible for 2024 and that’s just how it is, i can’t change that fact. We will have to fish deeper water in the main areas of the lake, without a doubt.

Matt and I, in our few years as stewards of this lake, have seen high high water…..where Wathaman is back flowing into Davin, water was nearly at the doorstep of the outpost cabin and creeks washed out roads for days. We have seen the highs…now we will see the low of the low. I would like to say the low water is a natural, cyclical thing and not climate change, but I’m not a scientist. I’m not a climate denier either but things fluctuate and can take years to return to “normal” levels. Lets hope for rain, not just for water levels but also for wildfire hazards!

Matt and Kevin did a supply run and are up at camp right now. Kevin brought in a load of lumber with our new boat that he picked up in Nipawin. He also grabbed my season supply of delicious P&H pancake mix, thanks Uncle Les! Matt took in our 60hp Massey tractor….had to come out to be repaired last fall as someone got a little too ambitious with it last year! Oh well, live and learn right? Pretty sure those guys have watched a lot of hockey and cut down a few trees lol.

Kids and I still going through the motions of the off-season. Freja has finished up competitive swiming for the winter and is looking forward to open water swimming this summer! Milo has started driver training and is eager to get his learners in May…I cannot wait for him to get a licence! Both kids are ready for school to be done, I can’t blame them!

My budget is set, the spreadsheets are printed and purchasing season has begun!! THe garage is half full and I am slowly filing barrels! I have a trip to Costco in Sherwood park this week, then a trip into Edmonton the following week to the used appliance warehouse for a washer,dryer and a couple fridges. I have to pick up my greenhouse order and get through a GIANT Walmart shop then finish packing…all before May 15! Kids and I want to be in camp by Friday May 18…we are so STOKED for 2024!


Found…After repositioning my new sea can behind the lodge. THis is the third dog tag we have found!

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