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spring melt

Well, another trip up for a chance to ice fish! Loaded sleds because we have been burned too many times and you never know how much snow is on the driveway. THe nasa satellite map does not do what is happening on the ground justice…you just can’t tell how much snow is on the ground. All the weather apps showed it was really warm up here for the last 8-10 days…double digits, but once again, how much snow is on the ground still is a game of chance we don’t play anymore.

TImber didn't get to go this time...not enough room in the backseat for the 3 of us!

Was a decent drive up, beautiful sunny day...10 degrees in La ROnge when we stopped at Robertson’s for beef jerky and Gingerale. Driving through town, we saw one of our first and best friends from LA…Kevin Brown! He and his dad run a construction type company in this area and they do a ton of contract work on the North roads. Stopped in Robertsons parking lot and had a good bullshit session, got caught up on the LA gossip…no Kardashian sightings up here, wrong LA…LA of the North!! Got our beef jerky and hit the road North. THe entire drive there was literally next to no snow, on the roadside or in the trees. THe road wasn’t in bad shape for being early spring and for the frost coming out. Kevin Brown said there will be a pile of gravel added to the North roads this year... hit it with the calcium and we will have a great highway throughout our season!! Still make sure you have an easily accessible spare tire and a plug kit for the drive, you just never know!

Get to the driveway turnoff and we went for it! about 1-2’ of snow with a water base and we chugged in no problem in my AT4…man that is a great truck if anyone is wondering! +10 in the cabin, settled in with supper and a beverage, goodnight Irene!

To wake up without an alarm is always so nice, but it’s starting to get light out at about 0500, so its easy to rise and shine, especially if you want to be the first person through the outhouse in the morning lmao!! BIg breakfast, then hum and haaa for a couple hours….I decide to get my rain gear on because thats all i packed! First of all, the KUIU rain gear is a total spurge for me that I did last summer/fall. I wore Costco for the first 6 years and knew I needed pro gear...I dont get to fish in ideal conditions although I prefer to call myself a fair weather fisherman. We had been talking flood water, the coldest it would be during the day was -3-+5 and when it comes to packing I like to be conservative. So we are geared up and Kevin has left about 30 ago…and we meet him down the lake, I suggest we go back for backpacks etc then set out further,. THe flood water is about 6" deep and keep in mind I am a novice, this is my first year as pilot! I have a beautiful new Backcountry sled that I am hoping to have broke in by the time we leave. Anyways, we gear up and head out for what was a FANTASTIC couple hours!! Riding shoreline, breaking through and hitting the throttle….I keep telling Matt that he needs to go 10km faster for me to follow him comfortably. We were all over on Little Davin & we are full bore tomorrow morning….it is supposed to be -10 overnight so the flood water will have an ice and we will be able to go anywhere on big Davin.

Soooo the flood water…is about 6-8" deep and we were messing about out front…take in the photos and videos and know that we were having fun...wish you were here!!! Sometimes I think we are too immature to have this place but other times I know we ARE the right people to enjoy this place to share with everyone!

THe next 3 days were filled with sledding the mornings and enjoying a campfire for the afternoon. THis is not a work trip but an enjoy what we have trip. Put about 300km on the sleds, drilled about 60 holes in various locations on little and big Davin over the days and caught zero fish! Its a big lake guys, we have little to no experience fishing here in the winter! We dont know where the fish pocket for winter or where/when they move to stage for spring melt and open water. We tried deep we tried shallow, we tried here and least we were out and about! We will know more for next year and will drill another 100+ holes in hope to find some fish. When we do find them you better believe we will drop a pin and hit it again and again.

Packers up and about to leave to head North

The driveway in when we first arrived.....Youc an see my new sweetgrass on the air freshener that you can get at Robertsons...had tons in stock!

Little break between water holes
Daily afternoon campfire and my most favourite blog spot on the planet
Got tossed off my sled into the flood water….Happy for my KUIU rain gear

Flipped my sled here and got tossed off onto my left side....all okay but I was happy I was wearing my KUIU rain gear! My shoulder/ body punched through the iced-up flood water but I stayed dry!!!

Many….Many holes drilled

This is a little horseshoe bay on Big Davin....we know there is a weed bed here. Marked a couple but didn't catch in 20 min so we moved on.

Davin River…too shallow for where I wanted to fish

Mouth of the Davin River....I wanted to back out onto the lake another 30-40' into deeper water, but this is where the guys stopped. Next year.

Marked the entrance to the portage before we left

This is where I stop....entrance to portage into Peter's lake.

What do you think?? Let me know…

I think moose...lone tracks, can see the ankle knuckle marks. Normally would see caribou in at least a pair.

Shitty pano…can never recreate the beauty!

Toughest spot to get into Peters lake...I walked ahead and Matt picked me up, my sled stayed on Davin.

THis is the portage from Peter's Lake back onto Davin Lake...I sped the video up a bit but the rocks crunch the same. We drilled about a dozen holes to get a good idea of depths and caught nothing in 12'...on Peters for over an hour on a nice sunny morning!

We laughed waaaay too hard at this Timelapse's video of Kevin....

Here it is in slo mo....not nearly as funny!

Well, guys and gals....That's it for the April trip....I am back at home but Matt left again this morning with a big load. He will be in camp for a week and will return on April 28. I have a busy couple weeks coming up, finishing work, Freja and I have a little trip planned and I have to finish my shopping! The kids' last day of school is May 12 and we will be raring to go by May 14!

I ONLY have some limited space left in case you haven't booked yet for 2023!

Stay tuned...this season will be FANTASTIC for lucky year #7

Adventure North to Davin Lake Lodge

Danica, Matt, Milo, Freja and of course TImber and BARK!!

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