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Stir-crazy in the city

Well....its that time of year, I am soooo ready for spring! My countdown has been set since the day we left the lake in September 2019. Today, my countdown is 45 days until our first haul in and 73 days until we head in for the season (give or take a couple of days). Matt has been gone away to work for the last month and we may not see him for another couple of weeks :'(

The kids and I keep busy with work and school, walking Timber and of course our Fun Fridays...when Matt is away we go to Walmart, a movie or play a game on Friday nights. This past Friday had us more stir crazy than normal and we had Walmart employees giving us stern

I have to say, I more than encourage fun behaviour as long as nothing gets broken and no one gets emotionally or physically hurt...and you need to clean up after yourself....that being said, we had a blast at Walmart this week...anything to make the time tick by for the next little bit.

JUNE IS FULL!!! As of today...consult the calendars below to see what is available. I may only have one or two cabins left for any of the open dates, so phone your buddies and get booked in with me so you can brag to everyone you fished Davin Lake Lodge in 2020! There will be lots of fish to catch and eat and a ton of fun and prizes to be won!

July: Pike slow down around the 15th of the month as fish activity coincides with the water temperatures and the amount of sunshine we get. Walleye will be more prevalent and the trout will head to deeper, colder water at 60+ feet. You will want a calm day to do some deep jigging for them. The rainy spring storms become less frequent and we are in for hot sunny days.

August: Pike fishing picks up again around the 10th of the month. Weed beds and cabbage patches are a good bet. Walleye are still good catching and the trout remain deep at 60-80+ feet. The weather is warm and dry. The lake starts to cool off around August 18th and we are generally done swimming for the season. Wathaman Outpost closes for the season around the time the lake changes.

September: Pike are on until about the 8-10th of the month, weeds and cabbage patches, narrow channels like the "T" will be good. The last 3 years I have caught my season best during the first week of September. 2019 was a beauty at 43"in 8 feet of water. 2018 was a 42" in 5 feet of water. Walleye will be harder to find and you will have to travel for them. Trout start to shallow up at the beginning of the month and will be at 20-40 feet until there is frost in the mornings...then the trout will be in under 10 feet and the pike will be in 20 feet. Mid September the predominant catch will be good cold trout in shallow water! Bring a toque, gloves and a warm jacket for crossing the lake in the morning. By midday you could be down to a t-shirt possibly so dress in layers!

WATHAMAN OUTPOST: I only have 2 slots left available:

JULY 17-22 & JULY 24-29

I could maybe squeeze in one more group for August - Call/email to check dates with me.

My lists are near complete...Matt is working on his mechanical and lumber budget as we speak. I have ordered up my beef and pork from Prime Meats in St. Gregor, I have a quote coming for 2 new boat/motor combos, I have finalized and ordered all our promo clothing/hats and we have decided on our summer projects for 2020. I will be buying tackle in the coming weeks, so if there is a hook you want to see on our wall, send me a message and I will get it!

I will start buying April 1, 2020....look out VISA, things are gonna get a bit hot!!

I want to send a couple shout outs...

1). Kevin D: He is basking in the sun and surfing in Costa Rica right now...wish we were there!!

2). Kelly U: Kelly is currently looking for a 12-step program to support him through his compulsion for everything fishing and Davin Lake...poor feller, his trip isn't until September...How many days Kelly?? 184?

3). John K: This guy put together a whole base ball team of people to join him on his fishing trip to Davin Lake Lodge during the first week of June...amazing job! Matt and I appreciate how many friends you have that like fishing...LOL

Check out these hilarious videos....they were done by a Norwegian company to promote the dangers of drinking while operating boats. Very funny stuff!

I sent out a promotion to our website subscribers for an Independent Adventure in August, there was some great pricing available! I will have another promo going out to our website subscribers for an All-Inclusive Adventure in August...if your not already a subscriber, sign up then check your email on March 16 for this awesome deal!

MAPS: I have been sourcing new contour maps as well as new area maps for guests to use. If you have requested a Davin or Wathman contour lake map, bear with me, they are coming!! The map guy said he had never created maps for Davin or Wathaman before so it takes time....I will contact him this coming week to check the ETA.

2020 at Davin Lake Lodge is shaping up to be a great time...lots of fun people are booked into camp already...if your not one of them, pick from the available dates above then get ahold of me to book. The remaining 2020 dates won't last much longer, especially the last 2 Wathaman spots!!

Drive or Fly...Adventure North to Davin Lake Lodge in 2020

Danica, Matt, Milo, Freja and of course Timber


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