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Good day to all our fisherman friends!!! We are currently 59 days until the open water season opens for 2023...65 days until our first guest arrive in camp, but only 48 days until we relocate for the season!! Whaaat?? I cannot believe how little time I have left to get everything on my wish list, get packed and get up there. I love this time of year because I get to SHOP! I tell ya, my credit card is starting to melt a bit as I have been busy and so has Canada Post! My truck is washed and now parked outside. The garage is swept and clean, my tables are set up ready for stuff to start rolling in!

THe kids are so ready to go....they are wrapping up their winter extracurricular activities in the next month and are eagerly awaiting May 12 to roll around which is their last day of school . They will get home that Friday to packed trucks and trailers and will wait for the word to climb in the truck and head north. Milo has been at the gym this winter working with a trainer...he turns 14 in May so when we get back from the lake he will be able to go to the gym on his own without an adult. The kid doesn't need adult supervision...he is the most respectful and mature teen for his age I have ever know, but rules are rules. This summer, Milo is looking forward to having more freedom on the lake in his boat, helping at shore lunches and basically being a free bird and working hard for the season.

This winter Freja enjoyed being a member of our local swim club the Riptides. She was in the pool 4 days a week and swam her little legs off. She participated in a few swim meets where she did really well, but next year look out!! After spending this summer working on technique she will be more than ready to take on any swim meet. Auntie Marlowe gave her a wet suit, a thermal swim cap and a swim buoy so she is geared up to get in and swim! This summer she is most looking forward to learning to drive a boat, swimming as much as possible, helping in the kitchen and working on a writing project she has been planning.

48 that is not much time! I have ordered our beef and hog for processing, just waiting for Prime Meats in St. Gregor to contact me about cutting and packaging. I ordered a bigger beef and 2 hogs for this year as we (i) am busier in the kitchen than last year. I have some new recipes for this season and will also be falling back on some favourites. I got a new toaster for the kitchen! My current toaster is just run of the mill, probably a black and decker 4-slice that is like watching paint dry while waiting for toast to pop. I found a reasonably priced, conveyor toaster on Amazon, which will help me step up my breakfast game for sure!! No longer will I have to toast ahead and keep warm in the oven. I should unbox and test out its capabilities and just to make sure it isn't faulty before taking it up to the bush.

Also for the lodge this year, I ordered new dining chairs!!!! I am so excited as the current chairs are still in great shape but they will migrate to the cabins...thank god! If you have stayed with us you know that the chairs in the cabins are def less than....old, clunky and need to be retired. They will not be retired, but they will also the outpost lol. Not all of them will go there, but the best of the worst will head over there on the first outpost maintenance run. New life is breathed into nearly everything at our camp...unless it is broken beyond repair, there can always be another use as our money does not grow on trees. If someone has figured out growing money trees, please let me know lol

Last fall we ditched all of the couches in cabins 3, 4 & 5. In place of the couches will be a new bottom bunk with a wide shelf above for coolers, bags and gear. We are trying to make it easier for groups of 4 in cabins so someone doesn't need to be on a top bunk. Plus there is little in the way of shelving/storage in the cabins for coolers and gear. The top shelf and accessible space under the new bed/couch should be enough for guests to stow stuff and keep their floor space open. Also last fall, we built open air structures between the cabins....perfect for the picnic tables and BBQ's to sit under during inclement weather, anything to help people stay outside and visit/party! We have another project we will be working on this spring that will be ready for the 2023 season...stepping up the fire pit game!!

Our new 16' Lund we ordered from Nipawin is in...ordered 3 new boat seats and our new motor from Prairie rec and is all waiting for pickup. We hope to do an early April trip up North before the fishing season closes so we can haul these things in on the snow behind the sleds. We want to do a bit of ice fishing, sledding and general camp survey of the snow so we know how early Matt can go in to stay and work in the spring. We typically start our first supply run on April 28, so he may go in to stay for a couple weeks ahead of us moving in for 2023. I have all my nursing shifts organized until we go, so I can plan my remaining shopping trips and supply pickups before moving day rolls around.

I did a HUGE tackle order from the Fishin' Hole for the season...I picked it up in Edmonton to save the $250 shipping charges. One box, but its a big box! The tackle wall will be stacked with new stuff and the tried and tested lures that are successful on our lakes. I can't wait to unbox it all and refresh my memory as to what I bought! I think we will do a facebook live opening the box and going through the tackle...should be fun, so follow us on social media if you want to watch it! We have always ran on the honour system when it comes to our tackle....need a hook, take it but write it down and we will settle up on departure. THis year will be the same, but hooks will have a color coded sticker relating to the price of the hook. We don't upcharge for our hooks but price them modestly for what we paid at cost. I think hooks this year will be $5, $8 or $ tax.

WE HAD AN AED DONATED TO US!!! I have new defibrillator pads and a replacement battery on order for this season. After the Med-Evac last year, it was important to me to get one. It was donated to us from a guest last year as his senior hockey team had purchased it to keep on the bench but he no longer plays so the team decided they would give it to us. I am so happy and relieved to have this piece of lifesaving equipment on site...forever in memory of #18 Don Olson. #18 Don Olson will be located at the fillet shack and will travel to shore lunch everyday.

If anyone is wondering about John, the fellow we med-evac'd out last year, he is doing great! He has plans to be up in the North again for this season. I'm sure he will stop by to see us if/when he gets up to our area. He has been staying with his son and receiving post-stroke physiotherapy. He was very lucky to not have any nerve damage and should have a near recovery. Great news all around and I am happy to be a part of this great ending to a harrowing story.

What else can I say....Oh!! New apparel for this year is in!! I really wanted a chocolate brown zip up but no where that I looked could I find my color or they were out of stock which made me super sad. But, in the end I went with a Black Zip-up polar fleece jacket, no hood, and logo on the left chest. They turned out FANTASTIC!!! They are super warm, have good pockets and will be great for layering on the lake or will be a comfy warm option for the evenings sitting at the campfire. They come in LG-3XL and will be price at $60. We have some green hoodies left over from last year and they are reduced to $50...our remaining t-shirts will be priced to go at $25, still lots of sizes left! Gotta make room for new stuff!! We will still have our soup mugs and coffe mugs up for grabs throughout the season as well as a stack vehicle decals for those of you who like to show the love.

BOOKING & RESERVATIONS: For the last 2 years, we have opened up booking on November 15 of each year. I send out an email to our repeat guests on November 1 advising them they can book their preferred dates from

November 1-14. Many of you answered the call and got booked in, which I really appreciate and I'm sure you do too. On November 14 evening, I update the website with the remaining Wathaman slots and then open up for booking new guests and anyone else on November 15. This has worked really well for many of you and for me. I know where I stand in the new year and know how much more advertising I need to do. If I do too much marketing then I am turning people away, if I don't do enough then I have openings heading into the start of the season. I can say that as of today, I still have a bit of work to do, but that's okay lol. EVERYONE, ALWAYS wants JUNE....I just can't do it though. Wathaman & June sell out before Christmas nearly every year....but, if you opt to come visit later in the season, you can get in on the early booking starting November 1. No guearantees you get a June or a Wathaman spot, but your chances are definitely greater than if you phone me in March.

What availability do I have left for the 2023 season??? Not a single night in June...please dont ask as I hate having to say no to people :(

ONE CABIN arriving July 7 departing July 13-was a cancellation ***You don't have to take the entire slot, choose arrival and departure days within the allotted dates***

ONE CABIN arriving August 7 departing August 13-was a cancellation***You dont have to take the entire slot, choose arrival and departure days within the allotted dates***

TWO CABINS arriving August 14

Lots of availability the first 2 weeks of September-please note that the kitchen closes on September 15

That's it that's all...I guess that's not too bad for me. Hoping for a third sold-out season!

TImber and BARK!! are so bored of the dog park these hour and they are standing at the gate ready to leave. They are sick of the bullshit at the dog park and just want some sunshine, some trout skins and some squirrels to piss them off. I told TImber that she may get to go to the lake with dad at the end of April but I told her not say anything to BARK!! just in case Matt didnt have room for the both of them. Timber said she could keep a secret and I believe her.

Anyways guys and gals, that is just about it for me at this time...will hope to give you another update after the April trip just to let you know how things are shaping up ahead of moving day...MAY 13/14 weekend!

Cheers to you all, Look forward to seeing your shiny happy faces at Davin Lake Lodge this year! If your not outside, you should be...

Matt, Danica, Milo & Freja...and of course Timber & BARK!!

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