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End of June Report

Happy Canada Day!!! June was almost overwhelmingly busy! I am definitely not complaining, but it WAS nice to have our first day off yesterday. We did nothing...we napped in the lodge around the fire and watched Shawshank Redemption...It really is tough to do nothing especially when there are about 30 different things you can be doing. Someone had said they were discussing with another fisherman what we do in camp during the day when everyone is out fishing....? About a hundred different things on any given day, there is always something that needs to be done!

June is over and we saw a lot of great people through camp, made many new friends and caught up with old ones! It has been cool, not many sunshiny days so our "Northern Tan" has not really extended past the elbow! The kids have been swimming twice on the 2 nice days we had earlier in the month and Matt towed them in the tube behind the 18' about 10 days ago. Other than that, the weather has been cool, rainy and gloomy. The kids worked their tails off in June too and were rewarded very generously from our kind-hearted fishermen...thank-you so much to everyone who tipped them for their hard work!

The trout have stayed shallow right until the end of the month, the pike are being caught in 15' and the walleye are hitting hard at the Davin River! Big trophy pike have been relatively easy to catch but the good eater size have been hit/miss in any quantity unless you are getting down to the 15' mark. We are hoping for sunshine so the trout dive down and the pike come up to feed.

The mosquitos and black flies are dying off because I think its too cold and the horsefly season has been delayed due to the weather as well. We are looking forward to better weather in July and hopefully August too since those are the months we get on the lake the most.

I have July 5-12 and July 22-26 open for Independent groups then I have August 15-30 open for Independent or All-Inclusive groups. I can also fit one more group in for the first week of September and one spot left for trout fishing September 12-16. Send me an email and we can firm up some dates for your group!

If you fished with us in June, please email me some pictures...smiling faces are just as good as big fish!!

Drive or Fly...Adventure North to Davin Lake Lodge

Danica, Matt

Milo, Freja and Timber

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