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Early July Report

Well...July started with a lot of rain then a lot of sunshine!! The last 2 weeks have been busy around here...cabins full and campers in the campsites! The trophy board in the lodge has 4 names on it:

33" Trout - Mark Eberl from the beginning of June

43" Northern Pike- Ted Vanderhoek Jr. AND Nancy Crawford...different groups but both were fishing the last week of June. Still waiting for that Pike pic too Nancy, although in the picture her husband Jack is holding her fish...doesn't look like a Nancy at all! ;D

26 3/4" Walleye - Ralph Van Dam- Last week of June-Still waiting for the walleye pic Ralph!

That's Ralph, but thats not a walleye...still a beauty of a pike!

These are the fish to beat so far this season and I will give it my best shot to get my name on the board along with these great fishermen!

The water is still incredibly high...there is no high water mark out on Wathaman...its as high as it has ever been. On Davin, we are about 10" from the highest high water mark that was probably set before Davin Lodge existed...who knows when, all I know is that the water is high! The temps vary throughout the lake...

At the dock in the shallows 63 degrees

On the big lake 59 degrees

Davin River 64 degrees

Lightle Bay 67 degrees

Portage 64 degrees

Not sure what the water temp is over at Wathaman, but I should be able to get a temp check in the next few days.


The trout fishing has been phenomenal. I will call this the YEAR OF THE TROUT! Beauty trout coming through the lodge to be filleted. They are biting like crazy and our guests are having a blast catching so many fish. We have had some heat and the water is warming, so I am confident in saying the trout are starting to push down to 40+ feet of water...there may be a few stragglers more shallow but they are now stacking up in cooler areas.

I had a father and son staying in the campground for a week and figured they had their best day ever at well over 100 fish caught, mainly walleye, down in Lightle Bay! That bay has been on point this year, but the walleye fishing has been incredible this spring too!

Hidden Bay is where most of the big Pike have been coming from these last 2 weeks...with the trout heading to deeper water we will start catching more and more eater pike. Looking forward to getting on the water for the next 2 weeks!!


When there is water this high, we have to do things for Wathaman. There is a 10Kw Kubota generator over at the outpost...obviously runs on diesel and is totally overkill for what we need to run over there. That generator has a greater purpose here at Davin than it does over at the Outpost. We could run the 10Kw for a third less diesel when we are at half capacity at Davin. The Outpost really just needs a 3000 watt Honda dealy, so that's what we are doing!

Getting the big 10Kw back over to Davin was the plan today! Irvin put the 10 Kw over there by loading it at the Wathaman bridge and running it down to the Outpost. He winched it up the the boat.... and there it has sat for the last 8-10 years.

I mentioned there was high water right??? Yup, you guessed it, we brought it through the portage! We set out with a plan, executed it near perfect and the 10KW arrived safely at Davin Lodge at 3:15 pm today.

I truly need a Go Pro....the footage would have been awesome, but I got some great pics and video today throughout the process. I am no chump neither, I did a hell of a lot more than hold a camera. I am a quality labourer and the only person in 1000 miles to do a project like that with Matt!

towing an empty 16' over to the portage for "Operation Gennie"

Loaded tow 16' being pushed through the portage...fingers crossed!

through the portage in a Wathaman 14' 15hp Honda to pick up the tow boat!

ta daaaa!!! now the portage!

made it through the portage!

Winds picked up on Davin as we headed for home!

Operation Gennie Complete!

Matt and I are gluttons for Davin Lodge work and soon as camp clears we are at it and every minute in between! He promised me I would get to fish more this year LOL!!!

Couple of shout outs going to Paul and Martin for bringing in awesome toys for Milo and Freja! Don't think the kids didn't see the 2 BOXES of Bear Paws and hats you left behind too...thanks so much! are so talented and the handpainted rock with our NEW LOGO is sitting at the door to the lodge...we even made a little wooden stand for it (not shown)! Thank you, the gift was very thoughtful! PS/ your boy is pretty great too!

We have the best guests that come and stay with us and it makes this "job" so super fun!

Drive or Fly...Adventure North to Davin Lake Lodge

Danica, Matt, Milo, Freja and of course Timber

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