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2018 fishing season is upon us!

I just gotta say that in less than 2 months Matt and I, with our kids, will be opening camp and will be the first to experience ice-off fishing for 2018! We are so excited to be in the North this year and are currently busy booking groups, planning and procuring. I know ya'all are jealous, but don't be....I still have plenty of room left in the 2018 season for you to get in on some great fishing action! I can squeeze some groups in for June, I have a bit of room in July and August is filling up fast but there is still time to get hooked and booked! I have one spot left for Wathaman in July but it is a prerequisite to spend your first year at Davin Lodge if you are new to the lakes.

Don't forget about our bus trip leaving from Prince Albert July 26-29, 2018...this is a great economical and safe way to get to and from our lodge and meet some great people in the process!

Text, email, or call me today to get some dates to choose from! We all look forward to sharing our playground in the North with you! Drive or fly...Adventure North to Davin Lake Lodge in 2018



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