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start to 2019 season

Updated: Apr 29, 2019

The day has arrived...we packed and loaded a trailer for the first load North and Matt left at 0430 this morning! We are ready and excited for the season to start and this first load is the kick off to what we waited and planned for all winter. Our shopping trips to Edmonton and Saskatoon were very productive and we were able to check just about everything off our lists.

The new boats are in production and Matts new workboat is ready for pick up at Drifts and Waves in La Ronge!

Supplies are just about all purchased...I still have to finish dry goods as well as fresh produce for our first 3 weeks, but I have again secured delivery of fresh produce every 3 weeks through Points North Landing...supper appreciative of the opportunity!

The menu is just about complete, I am trying a couple last recipes including one last tweak to my homemade baked beans for shore lunch! It is true, no more canned beans and I am going all out with this recipe! Matt looooves baked beans and has been super happy to taste test the last 4, not so much, not a fan but its important to me to cook a tasty side for shore lunch that doesn't require a can opener!

The first trip in is so nerve wracking....Matt felt unprepared, but that is the furthest thing from the truth! The first trip is just much snow is there, are there trees blocking the driveway, are there trees on buildings, are the buildings standing, were we broke into, is our minimal amount of fuel still there to fire up the generator??? So many things to question and walk into blindly! He has the quad and the chainsaw, so he will absolutely get in....just wonder what he will find, if anything....fingers crossed all is how we left it! He took a buddy with him, so at least he will have an extra set of hands to help if anything has gone awry. We left a game camera in camp when we left last fall, so I am super interested to see what meandered through camp...bear, wolf, hunters? The internet is back on already, so Matt took up all the electronics to hook up so he will be able to phone and text pics as soon as he figures it all out. Last year, he was radio silent and I worried because he went alone. We upgraded our internet equipment last spring so that wouldn't be an issue again moving forward.

Plans for the season:

-We are moving the dock to the other side of the will no longer have to cross the airstrip. By moving it, we should be able to launch all boats right at camp instead of going around to the old burned out gov't ramp. Milo will have a shorter distance to help bring your catch and gear in from the boats! Freja too wants to help on the dock this year, which is good, but I hope to keep her busy in the lodge by helping with table settings and prepping desserts!

-Renovate the shower house...what a terrible design to begin with. No 2 men would shower at the same time! We bought new shower stalls and plan to make 2 separate shower rooms equipped with shower, sink, toilet. I have acquired all new towels and will again provide shampoo/conditioner and body washes...just bring your toothbrush and paste!

-New flooring for the big deal and only affects me...hahaha. At some point we are wanting to expand the kitchen but I don't think it will be this year...depends on how fast fall sneaks up on us!

-Tin roof of Lodge and start on tin roofs for cabins...big job and will depend on ability to bring in supplies. Will start the lodge probably in late august and will continue on until our labour or supplies runs out.

We are booked to have a busy year! Guests are booked solid throughout the season but I do have a bit of space left: July 1-July 10 Independent Adventurers only; July 26-August 8; August 15-22; September 13-22 for trout! There is also a bit of space left at is open at the end of July until we close it for the season August 16....get ahold of me if you want a chance to fish a lake that only 30 or so other people will fish this year!! For the last 3 years, the biggest pike for our lodge has come out of Wathaman!

21 days....I can hardly wait! 27 days until I can drop a hook...first cast will be with my frog in the creek out behind the quonset.

first load North to Davin for the 2019 season
0430 this morning...first load North for 2019

PS/ we dug out the last of our 2018 pike out of the freezer to have a fish fry. Matt got out 3 fillets because he thought it would be freezer burnt....NOT AT ALL! We don't wrap our fish any different than we wrap yours and it was of our best home fry's yet! Hope to see you at shore lunch in 2019.

Drive or Fly...Adventure North to Davin Lake Lodge

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