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Spring is around the corner...down the street and around another corner!

Hello my fisherman friends!! Spring has arrived in Lloydminster, but I'm afraid its still a ways away for Davin Lodge! I am enjoying the snow melt, the warm weather and the absence of wearing multiple layers to head out to work for the day. This winter seems like it has dragged on forever with the endless lockdowns and restrictions and no warm vacations to the tropics to breakup the monotony. We will leave Lloydminster with spring in full swing to arrive at the lake to snow and ice and another spring!

Frozen Satellite view of Davin Lake
NASA's view of Davin Lake

But...I have started to plan and am working on lists as we speak! I have already bought the boats and motors for this season...I just finished picking out a bunch of tackle and it's on the way! I will still have to do a big order with Fishing' Hole but I like to shop there in person! All other tackle I purchased online. The go-to lures for this year will be the good performers from last year...Hot n' Tot (the bigger one)for pike lurking deep, TC Moto's for jigging trout and I contacted Big Sky Flies and Jigs out of Medicine Hat to pick me out jig heads in blue, silver, yellow, white, flame orange, pink and glow...all the colours of the rainbow that do good on our lake! I am so excited to see what they send me...shipping May 1 so stay tuned for the box opening! If there is a lure that you think we should have on the tackle wall, please let me know so I can include it in the Fishing' Hole shopping spree!

I have been quite busy fielding phone calls, returning emails and answering lots of questions!! I am happy to report all cabins are booked for June and July! August typically fills up as the season goes on with people wanting late summer trips. I also have received quite a few inquiries from the US and have taken some bookings for the end of August and early September in the event the border opens.

The website is under a constant state of construction as I am getting advise and guidance from a professional thanks to a grant for marketing through Saskatchewan Tourism. Check back often as things are changing and updating often!


We have experimented with Davin Lodge gear throughout the years...hats, shirts, hoodies etc. Most shirts end up in our own drawers and we wear them non-stop lol. This year...hats and hoodies will be up for grabs along with the long-sleeve and short sleeve shirts I had made last year. I picked out 3 different hats for our guests and we chose a super nice green hoodie that Matt wore last year and received a ton of compliments on! We will have all hats options and hoodie sizes in stock throughout the season so don't worry, you will be able to pick something out when you are up visiting us!

Holy Man!!! I just checked my countdown and we are only 44 days until we haul our first load up!!! 58 days until we move up for the season! Those numbers are unreal and I can hardly believe it! I will be moving my truck out of our garage very soon to make way for all the supplies I will be buying in the coming weeks.

We are all so excited and I think the kids are starting to get ancy with spring fever! The lake is calling us...we will arrive to hardwater, but my favourite part of the year is watching the ice come makes the most amazing delicate sound like wind chimes.

Can hardly wait to hear this sound in person again. Looking forward to seeing all of you in camp for 2021! Tight Lines for all!

Drive or Fly...Adventure North to DavinLake Lodge


Matt, Danica, Milo, Freja and of course Timber and BARK!

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