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RIP Betty White

Happy New Year!!! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and you spent the day relaxing and reflecting on the last year and the year ahead.

73 days until our sled trip North

134 days until we move North for the 2022 season

144 days until the 2022 season opens

253 days until Kelly from OK comes back up

We had a very low-key Christmas through New Years...I worked off and on and Matt balanced his time off between relaxing on the couch and staying awake. We had recently spent a couple of days in Edmonton with the kids doing fun stuff without any shopping at all!! Not Costco, not Cabelas, nothing!

We took in a hockey game, went to TWOS and a trampoline park and Jubilations Dinner Theatre ! We had the best family time with the kids and had so much fun!

NYE cooking steak in a cast pan

What is on our list for '22??

Planning to have a p/t camp lady to help with my side of prep, some cabin turnovers. I have asked a very laid back, super funny, retired farm wife I've known for 20+ years to come up for the first part of the season...will know more soon.

Wathaman Cabin is the only other thing on your to-do list that is above and beyond our day to day. The logistics of the maintenance, supplies and renovation will need to happen in stages throughout the season. Its a big project and its the right one to do at this time.

We will be gearing up for a late winter trip up to camp with snow machines. Pack the snowshoes and other essentials and head up for about a week of R&R. We are excited to see the snow pack and tour around...drill some holes. Matt and Kevin are in a lake trout tourney on Cold Lake in February, Good luck with that guys and have some fun! I will post pics after the winter trip.

Covid in 2022-we will wait and see...Watch for a "Covid" page on the website about late April. There you will find the '22 guidelines, updated as required. Everyone stay safe!

Check this trailer out!! This guy is amazing and I just think its awesome what he does! It is a dream to set off on your own and manage being in wild, rugged nature because it would be so peaceful, profound and hard! The FULL video goes live January 2, so make sure to subscribe to his channel and watch his other videos. Can't wait to see it Tyler, amazing accomplishment!

These are plaques that are hanging in the Maple Creek Legion Hall sent to us on Christmas Eve by a friend of Davin Lake!! What are the odds of even noticing these hanging on a Legion Wall let alone being from a place you have visited!! I love things like this that connect people even more to Davin Lake. As many of you know, lakes, islands and other landmarks are named after fallen soldiers and there are many incredible stories. Some landmarks that are named have Geo-Memorial bronze plaques place on-site and there are 5 or 6 geo memorials on Davin and Wathaman. Doug Chisholm is the pilot who places these GeoMemorials and you can find his book and information on his work below.

If you or someone you know has a namesake on our lakes, please let us know...we would enjoy hearing the story!

So how are thing looking for the '22 season???

I have 7 slots booked out for Wathaman so that means less than 40 people are fishing there this season, which I think is amazing! Literally pristine and untouched...those who get to be out there are a lucky few!

The main camp is booked full for the month of June...those of you who still want/need a spot, don't worry. July, August and September are busy but I can still fit groups in.

We are taking our family break at the main camp July 20 until July 28 to help keep that work/life thing in balance so we will definitely be having some fun of our own!

Kelly from OK has already started shopping for this is a callout to YOU TOO!!! If you have a favourite or see one you like at Cabelas or Fishin' Hole or find an interesting brand online...send me a pic! I will be sure to get it for our tackle wall, we are always looking for new things or to expand our selection each season.

We are looking forward to everyone joining us in camp for 2022. Stay tuned for the sled trip and then our official purchasing and garage filling pre-season!

If you haven't booked your dates yet, please get ahold of me soon for the best available selection! Call, text, email, website or Facebook...thing move quickly in the new year.

Here's to tight lines and rippin' drag in '22

Matt, Danica, Milo, Freja

and of course Timber and BARK!!

Its been a long hard winter for these two lol

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