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Planning for 2019

2018 ice off-Davin
2018 ice melt on Davin

Good day folks, just a little update to let you know I have cleared the 2018 books off my desk and I am setting my sites on 2019!!! I have already received some bookings and a couple of deposits and a few people have also signed up for the bus trip already too!

If you have previously emailed me in 2018/2017 for an inquiry, you will get an email from me regarding 2019. I have a huge list of people to email with info for 2019, which will go out before Dec 1, 2018. If you want to gift a trip to someone for Christmas or even an upcoming birthday, I will create a custom gift certificate for you to give to your loved one.

BUS TRIP: July 25-28, 2019: I have 20 seats remaining, if I don't get at least 14 more seats filled it will NOT run. I encourage early sign up, so I have set up early bird pricing...please contact me if you require further details!

Charlie's Charters
Charlie's Charters

WATHAMAN: I have 2 groups booked for 2019 already and there are only 6 more slots remaining. So, if your group wants to get over there in 2019, contact me because these spots will go fast!

DAVIN: I am booking groups into Davin and have received some deposits already. When inquiring, please include if you would like an All-Inclusive Adventure or an Independent Adventure and have a first and second date preference picked out...that way it streamlines your reservation process.

CORPORATE GROUPS FOR DAVIN: We can accommodate up to 30 people but a minimum of 15 people is required to reserve the entire camp and receive our undivided care and attention. Space to reserve your corporate group in 2019 is narrowing, please contact me asap if your group had their heart set on fishing with us in 2019...We would love to be your host! If you want to fly in, let me know as I have quoted prices from 2 airlines to bring the group in.

Corporate Group from Southern Alberta
Corporate Comaraderie...They drive in to us from Southern Alberta

Corporate Comaraderie
We always open our season with these guys...great to start the season off with so much fun and positive energy! They keep us busy and laughing!

We will be open late into September to accommodate fall trout fishing....This is new for us so we will only have a limited number of cabins available. Please book as early as you can!

CAMPING: We have 4 awesome campsites available and a new shitter built! We are very flexible with campers and just require tentative dates. If you are heading further North or coming back from the North you can always stay over with us to break up the trip....we would love to have you stay! We will have a large canvas wall tent permanently set up in our campground for the 2019 season, so you really just need to wheel in, get out your bedroll and build a fire. Campers can always sign up for a supper meal or a speedy breakfast, so you are not eating your rationed food. You also have free access to the showers and WIFI....we have ice on site as well.

We are booked in to do the Great Rockies Sportshow in Helena Montana Feb 22-24, 2019. We love the atmosphere and the energy in the state of Montana and we had a good deal of strong interest from the great people who attended the show in 2018. We look forward to spending some time down there, catching up with past guests and meeting new people. Hope to see you there!

Montana backcountry 2018
2018 snowshoe excursion into the Montana backcountry

Thanks to everyone who stayed with us at Davin and Wathaman in 2018, we appreciate your business and enjoyed sharing the lakes...2019 is waiting for you!

Drive or Fly...Adventure North to Davin Lake Lodge


Danica, Matt, Milo, Freja and of course Timber

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