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Nearly Ready for 2019 season to get underway

Hello from the North! We had an uneventful trip in to Davin flat tires, no shifts in the loads and no rain...we got lucky! We unloaded barrels and gear the next day and dug in to unpacking everything. We cooked on a BBQ and Coleman stove in our porch for about a week while we waited for the ice to break off and we could set our water line. I worked on cleaning the lodge so we could move in as soon as water was hooked up. Ice was pushing shore on May 21 and by May 24 it was gone....Milo's birthday! May 25 the season for the North opened, but it was a crumby day. Matt Milo and Pa went out after supper and Milo outfished them both! They brought in 5 trout and a pike which we had for supper the next night....first fish fry of the season!

5 trout 1 pike opening day
Opening day...Milo's big birthday catch!

We had a long list of chores and projects since we arrived, but everything is all clean, laundered, open and operational...we can finally start getting boats in the water! We still have a list on the table in the lodge, but we are marking things off daily. Just this morning, we were able to get the dock into position because it was a nice calm morning and we didn't have waves pushing the dock around while we rolled it in.

dock in May 30
Dock rolled in morning of May 30

The weather has been all over the map...rainshowers, warm and sunny, cold and dreary, today its cold and dreary. Alberta is on fire, but we have not seen any smoke here as most of our wind has been straight out of the North.

Matt has left camp twice since we came in....once he went to Saskatoon to pick up a new stove for the lodge since the existing stove was no longer working...he stopped in LaRonge on his way back and picked up his new workboat which I must say is super nice and roomy! 18' Lund with a 60hp Yamaha...he needed it and he deserves it! He will save on fuel and it is waaaayyyy safer than the original 1978 Lund he was running. The kids could no longer ride in the old work boat, there were just too many patches and the floor was literally about to tear open at a moments notice. We all have a new comfy spot in the new boat, just working on getting hours in it to break the motor in.

Matt's new work boat
matt's new work boat

2 days ago, Matt went back out to LA and picked up our 2 new 16' Lunds with 25hp Yamaha....motors came in cardboard boxes and everything. We unloaded the boats this afternoon, put the motors on, added oil and now Matt is working on emptying the quonset and launching the rest of the boats! Then, he and I will each take a kid and start putting hours on the 2 new 16' so the motors are ready to go when our group comes in on June 2. I have a problem though, I am not coordinated or experienced enough to drive a boat and fish at the same time...Matt, he can drive, tie a new leader on for a kid, catch a fish, roll a smoke, drink a beer and check his email all at the same time...yes he is fishing god! I have put dibs on Milo going with me, he is a lucky fisherman and I know if I can't fish he will catch enough for the both of

new 16'
New set of twins

unloading boats unloaded and one to go

Just need seats
Twins almost set up...just need some seats!

I need to give kudos to Matts dad Gus, who we affectionately call 'Pa'. He has been such a big help to matt and to me already this year. He is our lumberjack and right hand when it comes to all projects around here. Don't get me wrong, I don't just hold a camera, Im in there like a dirty shirt helping, but sometimes I'm just busy doin other shit...hahaha!

Gus was here most of last season and will be with us for most of this season and all he asks for is a hot breakfast and for happy hour to start at 5pm sharp...quitting time! He and I always joke and laugh about being union members and matt is the boss...never gets old and matt just rolls his eyes at us. It's nice to have a dad here.

I want to back up a bit to Milo's birthday...

Someone is reading this blog and I hope its more than just Kelly from Tulsa...hi Kelly, how many more days until you come fishing??!!

milo's birthday present...a defective rc from cabelas
the pic shows how happy he is

Milo wanted to wait until we were at the lodge to have his 10th birthday....just a low-key affair with some cake. Matt was out to Saskatoon and came back on May 24 (milo's bday) with pizza and a cake...I had bought a few presents for Milo this spring and we brought them up all wrapped for him. He got a new wagon to help fishermen from the dock and a RC Bass Pro fishing boat from Cabelas. He was so excited to see the RC fishing boat and tore into it the next morning. He put all the required batteries in and it doesn't work...he was heartbroken. Contacted Cabelas through messenger and they have essentially ghosted me and refuse to do anything until I send back the defective boat...even after explaining where we are, that we don't come out until September, it was a birthday present and that we spent thousands of dollars at cabelas this spring....nothing. So, if anyone coming up this season is going by bass pro or cabela's, can you check out if they have an RC fishing boat that I can pay you for?? Milo is pretty much over it, but it was supposed to give him at least an hour of occupied time and enjoyment instead of a total letdown.

Anyways, the season is gonna be great! I have a bit of room left in August and in September If anyone is interested, send me an email or a text. If you need to call, you will have to call the sat line at 306-700-5821 and leave a message for me to call you back...I check messages every evening.

Goona be a great season, Drive or Fly...Adventure North to Davin Lake Lodge

Danica, Matt

Milo, Freja & Timber

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