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Mid June Report has sure been busy and I appreciate everyone's patience as I sort through my inbox and reply to questions and requests when I have downtime.

Our ice didn't come off until May 29 but since then we have been blessed with some beautiful weather during our first 2 weeks but now we are into the rain! I certainly don't mind the rain because you can still fish and it cuts our fire risk down tremendously, which is the most important!

Lets get on to the fishing!!! Walleye has been reaaallllly good!!! lots are being put back because they are too big for the slot size. The leaderboard has a 27.5" walleye but Im sure that will not stand for the season. Trout are shallow and plentiful with some beauties being caught, but no one has hit the leader board with a trophy size yet. Pike are still in 12-20' but there have been some big girls caught and the leaderboard is showing a 46" by Tim. That will be tough to beat, but if an equivalent is caught your name will be added to the board! It could very well be a tie for bragging rights this year or maybe Tim's 46" will stand for the year, it's anybody's guess!

The lake temps are variable with the main lakes being high 40's to low 50's. The bays warmed up early with Atwater at 60, Davin river at 54, and Hidden Bay at 61. Like I said earlier, the weather had been warm with full sun and some 25 degree days. Now that we are getting rain, the big lake should rise in temp and the bays should lower in temperature putting everywhere right in line with normal temperature variations instead of dramatic temperature differences.

I went out to do shore lunch the other day and we needed to catch fish for it...I ended up catching 9 or 10 and was the only one to get fish in the boat!! All on a 5 of diamonds...just saying. Whether on the water or off, I always feed the people lol

All our equipment is running tip top! The new boats and motors are broken in and our fleet is now universally branded! We are still waiting for Prairie Rec in PA to receive our last Yamaha motor from Japan, but when it comes, our last 16' boat in the fleet will hit the water to be broke in. Our dock looks so nice with all the 16' SSV Lunds with 25hP Yamaha motors for guests at the main camp. We are still running 14' SSV Lunds with 15hP Hondas for the Outpost which is the perfect boat for heading up the Pink River and touring over there.

Speaking of Wathaman Outpost, the cabin is open and waiting for our first group to arrive. Matt and Kevin have been over a couple of times to get motors ready, troubleshoot and fix the damage caused by bears during the off-season. A bear DESTROYED the BBQ over there but not to worry, we have a replacement there and another on the way to camp. A bear also shredded some of the screen doors and a couple other things, but Matt said the water pump fired right up and now with the Honda 3000 generator the Outpost camp should run super smooth this season.

Bears....not much for signs near or around camp...the odd track or 2 on the driveway but thats about it. There are wolf signs at the dump so that helps to explain why we haven't seen much. Freja and Matt ran up to the dump the other day (Freja was driving) and a bear shot out from the bush and she nearly ran into it! Scared her pretty good, but she is over it and back on the quad with a vengeance. Most guests are seeing multiple bears on the drive in, they are typically yearlings or sow's with cubs. They all look like they wintered very good and the coats are shiny. It is really just a matter of time before one strolls though camp and knocks over a garbage can then gets chased out of dodge!

Grocery deliveries are running smoothly...have met the truck 2x now and have yet to be shorted anything I order. Thank the lord for online grocery orders and a reefer truck! I couldn't imagine having to drive out to LaRonge every 2 weeks. I was in Southend the other day and visited The Northern, a grocery store. Such a small building stacked to the roof inside with shelves of food. Only a small refrigerator section with fresh produce....not nearly enough to meet the needs of camp. I bought 4 heads of iceberg lettuce and it cost me $12...that is a decently good price up here for kinda fresh lettuce!

Milo has been busy building a fort out in the bush, quite a distance from camp. It concerns me a little bit that he is so far from camp, but he has an air horn to scare off anything that may be lurking or wandering by. My sister gave us a really nice tent that we set up out there, really ties in with his fort he built and we hope to stay out there for a night or 2 once the mornings are bit warmer. Milo is spending lots of time over there and he is certainly a happier kid for it...great confidence builder! Freja is busy bossing her. brother, helping me and basically adding color to anything she does. Not a problem for her to occupy her down time once she is done firewood and work on the dock. Timber is happiest int he boat and gets to go every chance there is. BARK is staying near camp for the most part and is busy...barking. We are working on it. lol. I assure you she doesn't usually leave the porch or the cabin until after 6am!

We have scouted almost 5 locations for the family photo this year!! Hoping to have that narrowed down to 3 by the end of June so we can take a sunny July picture.

An update on availability for the remainder of the season. We are fully booked for June and July! I am currently booking for August 18-September 5 as these are the only remaining dates I have left to fill. These dates will most likely be gone by the end of the month. I am sure of that because I am fielding multiple reservation requests daily. It is a good problem to have but not so good if you want to fish with us in 2021 and are trying to get booked in. I still have campsites available throughout the season and they are booking up too. If you want a spot, please let me know right away and I will see what I can do.

THat's it for to follow probably tomorrow morning.

Matt, Danica, Milo, Freja and of course Timber and BARK!

Drive or Fly...Adventure North to Davin Lake Lodge

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