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Mid-june report

We are off to a fabulous start to the season! The Northerns and Walleyes are hungry and biting like crazy...had a great group of guys here from Saskatoon and the 6 of them caught 400 fish in the 3 days they were here! I am waiting for some pics from them ....hint hint guys! The group were experienced fisherman but they were new to Davin Lake and they were blown away by the amount and size of fish they were catching...they put so many Walleye back because they were just too big to keep! PS/ They caught their limits of Northerns, Walleye and Trout.

Wathaman Outpost has been very busy too...the Northerns are biting like crazy and the size of the fish are unbelievable. I have a family of 8 over there right now and coming back on Sunday, so I should have some good numbers and pictures to post after Sunday.

The weather has been a bit damp and misting out on the lake, but that means in the reeds the fish are active....there are 2 fly fisherman out on the lake for the next week so we will see what they say...they also brought their spinning gear just to change it up a bit.

Things will be heating up weather wise next week, just in time for Summit Motors to roll in and take over everything we got....this group of guys are serious about fishing and having fun at Davin Lake....can't wait to see what they bring in!

In summary...the fishing is crazy good! Northerns are big and hungry, walleye are biting on a blue and silver spoon and the trout are moving deeper and can now be found at about 45-55'. Biggest Pike so far is 45"...but I have a tournament guy starting out on Davin for the first time today....we will see if he can bring in something bigger ;)

Text or email me to get in on some great fishing this season....I will find you a spot, no problem!



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