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Late Mid-july report

Updated: Jul 20, 2019

Sorry guys, its been a busy month indeed!! July started with me going home to work 4 shifts and coming back in before my birthday July 11. I arrived to a local Lloydminster group in full swing! These guys lucked out to some fabulous weather which had turned the pike on to feeding time...finally!! Its nice to have well-connected people from your home town come up, spend some time with you then go back home to share their positive experience throughout your own community. We have even committed to sponsoring a silent auction package for the 2019 Lloydminster Rescue Squad Community Gala.

We had a couple days to turn around then welcomed a very special first-time corporate group from the United States. We had guys from New Jersey, Louisiana, Arizona, California, New Mexico and Puerto Rico...Dave, Jonn, Ozzie, Brian, Russ, Carlos, Mark, Jeff, Rick and Freddy, it was a privilege to get to know you all and have you stay and experience our lakes and all they have to offer. This group was also blessed to have fabulous weather which gave them an unreal Northern Saskatchewan fishing experience. They covered nearly the whole lake, a couple guys made it over to the portage and to the outpost thanks to their wonderfully good looking guide 10 guys fishing (2 fly guys), 3.5 days, 400+ fish...I am bragging, yes I am! They caught big numbers of walleye, trout and pike in all sizes. On the last evening we were sitting around the campfire waiting for everyone to make it back in when a fly-guy, Carlos, came straight over. He shook Matt's hand, next mine, then Gus' and Milo's...sat down and someone asked him how the day was and he replied "today was fuckin great!!!" Oh man we laughed so hard...each of these men fished their hearts out and expressed to us such gratitude and appreciation for our lodge! It really meant a lot to Matt and I to have you all in camp...the best thing was hearing you guys laugh and have a good time around the campfire at night....thank-you! Let me know how you all made out at the border and please please send me any and all pics!! Smiling faces while holding big fish are the best photos!!

Tom Duffy corporate group from the USA...Kudos to Dave Bolton for arranging the trip!

Like I said briefly earlier in the post, we have had sunshine, the days are warmer and it has really turned the pike fishing up and it is hot right now!! Our spring was cool and late it seemed...the trout stayed shallow and the pike just weren't hitting hard until the beginning of July and now it is unreal! The trout are sitting around 40+ feet, pike are 10-15 feet and the walleye fishing has just been nutso since the season opened and is still really good.

The money lures right now have been a Len Thompson 5 of diamonds, Williams Flasher 5", Eppinger red/white Dardevle, Deadly Dick 3oz red/silver, and a Storm 5"Pike minnow...if it loses it’s, tail add a leach or a frozen minnow and its game on again! Back to my California group for a sec....these guys CLEANED OFF my tackle wall...seriously! They threw everything we had in the water (including a couple extra Storm pike minnows that I raided from Oklahoma Kelly's tackle box...don't worry though Kelly I will replace them before you get here in how many days???lol thanks a million!)

I head home again tomorrow to do 3 more shifts then I get to bring my mom back in....this will be her first time seeing our Northern home and perhaps the only time she may get up here...its a big journey and it means the world to be able to have her up here and I am looking so forward to sharing it with her. Matt is lucky (and so am I) that his dad and mom are here off and on throughout our season and trust me they are a huge help!

Hard to believe its nearly the end of July...where has the season gone!! At the end of the month I will begin my 2019 picture compilation page on the website, so get me those pics in if you want to be Davin Lake Famous hahahaha!!!! August is looking warm and my reservation book tells me I will be able to get on the lake and fish til my arms are sore!! Let you know what I catch!! September....still have some early and mid month dates for trout...send me an email if you want to sign up! Pilots, this would be a great opportunity to get another flight in before the snow flies!!!

Drive or Fly...Adventure North to Davin Lake Lodge!


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20 de jul. de 2019

Glad you were able to find something to use in the box! See you in 50 Days!!

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