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Happy new year!

Fresh off the holidays and ready for 2020, I am busy replying to emails and booking people in for fishing Davin Lake Lodge in 2020. There has been a surge in new interest due in large part to our social media marketing.

The video...all I can say is WOW! I was blown away by how it turned out...take a look for yourself:

Currently on Facebook, we are doing a giveaway for a $250 USD Cabelas gift card. It has received over 300 shares and has so far reached 25K people. That's unreal in my books. My goal was 300 shares and we hit that with 8 more days to go before the draw is made. If you are not on facebook, ask someone who is on facebook to share the post...they may just win and buy you a new rod/reel out of it! LOL

For our 2020 guests we will be doing an draw during the enter, you will have to come fish with us....what will you win? It will be a Cabelas gift card valued for at least $250 USD but it may be more...Everyone who fishes with us will have the opportunity to enter and the draw will be made at the end of the season in September when the kids and I get home from the lake. We had 200ish people through camp in 2019, so that is pretty good odds to win this giveaway...and good incentive to come and fish with us in 2020!

I am heading to Billings, Montana in about 10 days for the Great Rockies Sportshow...I'm not sure if Matt will be with me as duty (work) trumps everything in life. It may just be a trip for Milo and I....Milo is crossing his everything in hopes he gets to take this road trip with me! Billings will be really cool because we have not seen the city before and we get to showcase our lodge at a new venue with all new people! Don't get me wrong, I will try my hardest to see our best friends, including Aunty Pam and Uncle Jim, from the Helena area...but if Matt doesn't feel he can take a break from work to come with (drive my ass down there and back), I will have to play it by the weather for sure!

June is obviously when people want to come fish due to the ice-off feeding frenzy of the Northern Pike and the Lake Trout are shallowed up and easy to catch....however, I feel the fishing is just as good in July and August as it is in June. That doesn't change the fact that my June fills up really fast. I still have some dates left during the last 2 weeks of June, so if June is what you want, now is the time to get ahold of me. June dates won't last much longer!

I am making lists....if there is a great hook in your tackle box that you can't live without, let me know because I want it on my tackle wall up North! My budget for tackle in 2020 is fairly healthy, and I can't wait to start buying! Send me an email today and let me know what your favorite hook/lure is! I had mentioned in a previous post that Matt and I (and the kids)will be targeting Walleye in 2020...if you have tips, tricks, techniques or special lures that you know will hit, let us know! We want to better understand the Walleye patterns on Davin and Wathaman so we can provide a better experience for our guests.

I will send a big "THANK-YOU" out to Jeff and Leslie right now for sending us a few of his hand-tied pickerel rigs! Jeff is the ultimate knowledgeable and experienced in many outdoor aspects, but he is an avid hunter and angler at heart. Thank-you Jeff and Leslie!

Another "THANK-YOU" goes out to our friend Kelly from Tulsa, OK. He is a generous friend who took a chance on fishing with us right out of the gate. He is crazy in love with Davin Lake, fishing Davin Lake, the wilderness of Davin Lake and of course my cooking while he is at Davin Lake. Needless to say, we clicked right away and we text and talk regularly. The day Kelly leaves us in September, he turns on a countdown for when he gets to return to Davin. Right now he is at 244 days and I am at 135 days until we drive in and see the lake again in 2020. Kelly broke the tip of one of his rods in 2019 so what does he do??? He buys himself a new rod, but not before he bought me a new Pflueger reel and Fenwick rod and had it all send to me. Then, he sent Matt a pair of Glacier Gloves....Matt guides Kelly on his September trip and he bragged up the gloves so much and felt Matt couldn't do without a set. Thanks again Kelly...I am currently working on perfecting a Pecan Pie and a Boston Cream Pie for your September trip!

2020 will be our 4th year! I know the fishing will be great, we will be busy and we will continue to tweak and improve things at the main camp and outpost. The only thing missing will be you if you don't contact me to book your 2020 trip!

Drive or Fly...Adventure North to Davin Lake Lodge

Danica, Matt, Milo, Freja and of course Timber

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