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Early Mid-June Report

2019 sunset
2019 sunset

The season is of to a stellar start! Our first group was 25 men known as the Cosmo's and this was their 50th Annual fishing trip and about their eighth year back at Davin. They caught some beautiful fish, managed to stay fairly dry and limited out on Trout and Walleye. They were shy of just a couple fish for their limit on Northerns. One of the group caught a 46" Northern which will serve as the 2019 trophy benchmark unless someone catches a larger Northern.

Northern Pike 46" on Davin Lake
46" Northern Pike

A 29" Walleye was also caught and will be the benchmark as well unless a larger Walleye is caught. I have a group out on Wathman right now and they are catching some huge Walleye numbers and sizes...unfortunately, those fish do not qualify for the 2019 record holder on Davin....different lake and all.

Walleye Davin Lake
Beauty of a Walleye

Both these fish will be posted on the website pics for 2019. In general, the Cosmos had a great time and have already rebooked for 2020. They caught over 250 fish and released double that amount which is why they keep coming back year after year!

Obviously the lake trout are hitting hard, I don't have a pic of the biggest so far, but it is 30". Northerns are a bit slow, but we have had quite a bit of rain and wind and little sunshine which means the lake is cold....about 5-6 degrees cooler than normal and the Pike are sluggish. The lake is 42 degrees and this time last year we were sitting at 50 degrees...I guess we are about 10 days behind due to the lack of sunshine. You can see the northerns following your hook, you can even bop them on the nose with it, they just are not ready to bite yet. We anticipate things to pick up as we see more sunshine. Matt and I have been joking about our tan lines, which end at the wrist because it has been so cool you can't take off your sweater. We are calling in the 'Northern Tan'. Walleye can be tough to find but when you do find the hole, make some room in the boat because they are hungry and you will catch lots!

Around camp has been busy...Irvin and Diana, the former owners, are back again with their group of people, some from Texas and Oklahoma. We also have a group of people from Montana that we met when we were down in Helena! We have people coming and going all this week and next, including a group of government geologists, until our second corporate arrives on June 20.

Geologists supplies
Geologist supplies

The first group out at Wathaman is having an awesome fishing experience, they even extended an extra day and will come out on Thursday morning. The group said they never go anywhere twice but this is their third year coming here and their second for over at Wathaman. They brought a tournament Walleye guy with them this year, so I will be interested to hear what he has to say about our fishing over there...I know its excellent but I just like to hear other people say it...hahaha. Their ring leader/organizer guy's name is Jay and he's from southern Alberta and is part of the Dryshod Boot Company...he brings us new boots every year which is a great thing to have in a friend! I tagged Dryshod in a pic and they reposted on instagram which is really cool. Dryshod boots really work well for us here...they are similar to a Muck boot but muck really doesn't compare to the Dryshod!

Dryshod 'Haymaker' boots
My new Dryshod 'Haymaker' boots...folded down. No more wet socks for me!

portage in dry shod
Matt and Timber at the Portage in his Dryshod boots that he wore all winter. This pic was reposted by Dryshod Boot Company on Instagram :D

Wathaman crew setting off
First 2019 Wathaman crew setting off

Things are looking good for the season, getting some last minute calls for fishing and even requests to book for 2020. If you are interested in 2019 fishing, I still have a bit of room in July, August and into the sat line at 306-700-5821 and leave me a message or send me an email and we can get you booked!

Drive or Fly...Adventure North to DavinLake Lodge

Matt, Danica

Milo Freja and Timber

PS/ Hi Kelly from Tulsa

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