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I think this year is the YEAR OF THE TROPHY PIKE!!! eater pike are turning on now, but the 40"+ trophies have been sensational! We barely survived the heat dome and the big girls kept biting right through the heat, which is crazy to say.

Walleye, walleye, walleye...there is no shortage of the walleye thats for sure! Lots to catch in the slot size and many trophy size of 27"+ have been caught. The record so far for the season is on the leaderboard at 30" from Wathaman. A walleye that size is typically 30 or more years old because of our short growing season...incredible! No wonder we like the trophies to go back in the water...someone else gets to try and catch it, have a proud moment and make up their own fish story! The walleye didn't seem to slow down through the heat either.

Jig heads with double tails in white or yellow seems to be the menu item that the big pike and walleye like to dine on, but....I have just been using a #2 Len Thompson 5 of diamonds and have been doing really well when I get to go out. I was always trying new hooks/lures to figure out what else was successful on the lake but this year, I have strictly been using a 5 because if I am catching than anyone can catch!

The trout are STACKED in the deep water at 40-90' and seem to be a bit lazy right now. We are using TC Moto's to jig from the depths and a couple of guests are using down riggers with minimal success. I say to go for deep trout in the mornings then to hit the walleye or pike later in the day. Matt and I are heading out shortly to go for trout so I will let you know how it works out!

FIRES!! The province of Saskatchewan is under a total fire ban...we implemented a fire ban in camp 2 days before the province announced it. It is very dry in the forest and we have not had our usual monsoon rains in June or early July. We are all being cautious and watching the wildfire map multiple times a day. As of this morning there are 77 fires in the province but the closest one to us is about 80km from Wathaman Outpost. Woke up this morning to a light rain and thick smoke in has settled in and with a nil wind it seems this smoke will stick around for the day. We pulled out all our fire hoses and water pumps yesterday, have everything tested and laid out on the ground for just in case. If lightening happens and a fire strikes up at least we will be able to help save our assets and know we did everything we could.

BEARS!! holy cow yogi bear! The other night at the dump there were 5 bears with 2 treed cubs. 2 nights ago a bear was right through camp and took a huge shit around the fire pit. It didn't knock over a garbage cans or disrupt anything, so maybe it is marking territory?? or maybe it just had to take a shit as it was walking by. Last night BARK shot up the rock face and would not come to her name so we just shrugged her thing we know she is back at the lodge and Milo spotted a BIG bear on the driveway heading into camp. Pretty sure BARK pushed it out and down...we didn't think she was that smart, but we will see if it happens again. We scared the bear off but it is just a matter of time before it comes sniffing around camp and gets into trouble....we are prepared.

Camp is so busy!! I have trouble finding the time to post to social media or to do a timely blog post but I am trying! We are nearly sold out for the season and I am no longer taking bookings for All-Inclusive Adventures we are just that full. I have a couple spots left in late August that I can squeeze a group in so if you are wanting to fish with us this season please send me an email or a text and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

THE BORDER: I have been overwhelmed with requests from the USA but we have no idea what is going on with the border until the border announcement on the 21st of each month. Outfitters have no extra knowledge than the average Canadian and our liberal gov't treats us like second class citizens when it comes to information sharing. IF the border opens at any point through our season we will all know at the same time and it will be a matter of meeting all the requirements to enter Canada.

Super BIG hello to Kelly from Tulsa...I have my fingers crossed for you BB, its been too long since we saw you last and we are missing you!! Whenever I get to go out fishing and have a good day out there, Matt and I talk about how much fun you would've had if you were here! We have some new spots lined up for you to fish and can't wait for you to come back and visit! Hugs to you and Connie!

Well, that's it for now...I am heading out for a BIRTHDAY FISH, because that is the best gift of all. Pics for the blog post to follow later today...thanks for understanding...check back to see the pics!

Drive or Fly,,,Adventure North to Davin Lake Lodge

Cheers from us all..

Matt, Danica, Milo, Freja and of course Timber and BARK!!!

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