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Crunch Time

Today is Thursday and we leave Sunday...I work Friday and the kids have no school that day....I can't wait to be at the lake!

My garage is full of packed barrels, the only thing left to buy is some plumbing stuff from Home Depot today and our fresh produce to get us through until my first big grocery delivery. As of today I will have 3 trailers in my driveway and we will start loading the 400lb barrels in the most strategic way to take advantage of every square inch of trailer space we have. Trust me, I am not a light packer...there is a lot of stuff!! LOL

supplies for 2019
My garage is full...haven't parked in the garage for over a month

Matt has been up to the lake twice so far and there is still about of foot of ice and the water level is low but that is to be expected. The weather forecast is looking good for us...double digits during the day and lots of sunshine! Lakes south of us are already starting to break up and creeks are running so I am hopeful to be fishing Davin and not our own creek come May 25...opening day! My first actual guest in camp is a professor with the University of Saskatchewan at the end of May....but then come June 2, look out, we have a full camp of 27 wonderful men known as the Cosmo's and our season is kicked off!

So we leave Sunday at 0800h and today is the last day to do running around, I work Friday and Saturday is loading barrels and trucks etc and hopefully some takeout for supper! I will be packing my computer up tonight, but no worries, you can still email, call and text. If you need to call after Sunday, call the lodge satellite line at 306-700-5821 which will be operational for the season...Leave me a message and I will call you back. We will be working long days around camp getting things in order so I will check messages daily and will return calls, texts and emails in the evenings.

I just have to say that Matt and I, with the kids are so very happy, blessed and excited for the 2019 season. It still feels so surreal that we get to do this, almost like someone needs to pinch us! We are doing our most favourite thing and it was a near impossible goal to reach when we started the process. Thank-you to anyone and everyone who has taken a card from us, listened to us go on about our dream, booked an Adventure with us and has come back to stay again because it truly is a great place! We appreciate this life and all of you who we get share it with.

Drive or Fly...Adventure North to Davin Lake Lodge

Danica & Matt

Milo, Freja and Timber

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