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96 days...the countdown is on!!!

Updated: Oct 22, 2019

We have moved and are settled into our new home!!! The weather for our move was bitter cold at -35 with a windchill of -42...thankfully I had the excellence of Mardell Moving to bare the brunt of the cold. Turns out I worked at a pizza joint with one of the guys when we were teenagers!!

The kids say they like the house in town better than the acreage, but everything is still so new to them so we will see. Living in a cup-de-sac is drastically different than living on an acreage, but there are lots of kids and Milo and Freja will be able to enjoy making new friends on our street and in their new school. I gotta say, town living is weird after having so much privacy. Had a neighbour reach out to me via messenger already, asking if I saw anything Wednesday night because their vehicle was stolen. I told her no but that Timber had probably witnessed the whole thing and she ain't talking!

Matt has been away working for the last 3 weeks and has only seen the house once during our brief initial walkthrough. He will be so surprised on Tuesday when he gets home, to see that I have every single box unpacked and our house is now our home. He has a hefty honey do always...but may not have time to get anything done because the day after he hits the threshold we turn and burn for MONTANA!!!! The Great Rockies Sportshow awaits us as does the majestic beauty in the state of Montana...the hot springs, the wildlife in herds unimaginable, the friendly folks and the super hospitable town of Helena...the capital of Montana. Rich in history, this quaint little city has a special place in my heart...I love coming back to this town and the GRS and it is even better now that we have made a few friends from this city! Can anyone guess what the first thing I do is once we cross the border??? Stay tuned....will update you in a facebook post from the road:D

Now, onto matters related to Davin Lake and Wathaman Outpost!

I only have the last week in June left to book...I hope there are some takers in Montana and if not, there are always late bookers to fill up those sought after dates. I still have some time left in August as well as a bit of space left in our NEW Trout Season at the end of September. The bus trip in July...looking like it will get the axe as there are barely any people signed up...I will call it yay or nay by the ides of March.

Wathaman Outpost....I had set up 10 dates for the season and only 1 remains. I thought 10 was being overly ambitious but I was wrong! The end of the season happens so quick for minute we are enjoying the sun, sand and water and the next it is cold and we are closing makes it tough to get over to Wathaman to winterize. With our rental dates clearly laid out, It will allow us to better plan our time over there...hopefully!

I have sourced a new credit card processing application...its called the "SQUARE" and I'm sure some of you have heard of it. My buddy from Oklahoma was my guinea pig...the first transaction, super smooth and quick! The second transaction is still pending so I will keep a watchful eye on it to make sure nothing goes awry! So, if anyone is wanting to make a deposit with a credit card, I am up and running to do so. It will also be available up at Davin so don't hesitate to use a credit card as a form of payment!

Next month, I start baking and cooking for taste test trials! I have been compiling recipes all winter and trying a few here and there...but in March, the menu for breakfast and supper will really take shape! Matt and I have also been discussing ways to jazz up shore excited to be able to introduce some more options out there too!

Matts new workboat
Matt needs a new workboat...Pretty sure he hopes it looks like this

Purchasing starts in April and continues right up until we leave. I put a call out for fishing lure/tackle suggestions....still open to get in on that draw......Email me your tackle/lure suggestions with or without a pic and I will add you to the list of potential winners for some 2019 Davin Lake swag!!

All in all, I believe we are on the countdown from 100...May 25 cannot come soon enough for this chick! I am ready to leave the bitter cold behind and have some peace and tranquility with like-minded fishermen! The call of the loon out on the water....don't worry, its just me shouting about the big fish I just caught!!

As you can tell, I miss the lake just as much as the next guy. All our planning and money that goes into Davin Lake and Wathaman Outpost is just as much for us as it is for you, the average Joe who visits us...without you Joe, it would not be possible for us to live our dreams out loud....96 days and counting!

Drive or fly...Adventure North to Davin Lake Lodge

Danica, Matt, Milo, Freja and of course Timber!

Follow us down to Montana by visiting our facebook page...We leave Wednesday!

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