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5 days and counting

We are all working hard this week to get everything packed and loaded to start our 2018 Adventure North! Milo is dragging his heels during his last week of school and all Freja talks about is Davin Lake this and Davin Lake that...the kids are beyond excited! My garage has been filling up over the last few weeks and now I am officially organized and packing, repacking and getting the trailers ready to load! We will be ready to head the convoy out as of Saturday May 18....heading North!

It is not too late to book an Adventure with us, we still have space in July and August....maybe a bit of room the last week of June and there is always our bus trip in July as I still have 6 seats open!

After May 18, you will only be able to text me at 780-870-5684, email me at or if you really need to talk to me, call the Lodge at will need to leave a message and I will return your call the following day!

Matt took this pic on his last trip North...May 10....we are crossing our fingers that the ice is gone when we get back and definitely before May 25, the first day of fishing for our North Zone!

8 more barrels packed just like this one....dust and rain proof! I have one whole barrel jammed full of fish hooks, lures, and miscellaneous fishing accessories! Oh man we can wait until opening day!

Drive or fly...Adventure North But, if you can't make it this year, follow the adventures on our facebook page!


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