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Updated: Apr 30, 2018

Matt made it to Southend (last communication)...his first trip hauling supplies North! He left yesterday at 1400h and he was loaded with the skid steer, barrels and new tanks. I packed him a cast pan, a dozen eggs, and a smoked beef roast to go with a loaf of home-made bread. He is now radio-silent to home but has the 2-way to talk to haulers on the 905 if he gets into trouble...If I don't hear from him by Tuesday at 1400h I guess I send the CO's up to him!

BUT.....While the Captain is away this momma is in prep mode!!!

I had 6 empty barrels in the garage yesterday, but they are now filled with dry goods and supplies and ready to go North on Matt's next trip! The goodies we bought on our shopping trip to Edmonton easily filled those barrels.

Made some updates to 2018 page...extended the deadline for the bus trip to May 15...this is a great opportunity to come check us and the NEW Davin Lake Lodge out without breaking the bank...economical, safe ride to and from our Lodge at the end of July when it is HOT and generally dry.

What else can I say...Still have a cabin or two open for June 26-30, July 9-15, and August 15-22...This can be for All-Inclusive or Independent Adventures! The outpost may be booked for 2018 but that doesn't mean you can't fish Wathaman too! Learn the way to and from the portage and you too can stay at our Wathaman Outpost in 2019! If the above dates are not working for you, give me a call, text, or email and I can see what I can do to accommodate your group.

Drive or fly...Adventure North to Davin Lake Lodge

Cheers, Danica

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