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End of June Report

We have been extremely busy with many different large and small groups coming to stay with us. Each and every group has had a successful fishing trip limiting out, and there have been many trophy fish caught and released back into our waters. Bait or no bait, the Len Thompson 5 of diamonds has been very successful and so has blue and silver spoons and red and white spoons. Jigs with bait, diving rapalas...pretty much anything you put in the water will catch trout, walleye or northerns. Speaking of trout, they are moving deeper and can now be consistently caught at 55+ bring your buzz bombs, pink ladies or anything that goes deep...or you can buy them off our lodge tackle wall!

Wathaman has been hot for the walleye...the guests staying there have had a tough time keeping anything small enough to eat or take home. One guest went 16 for 17 casts catching walleye, which I think is awesome!!!

We had 2 large groups stay with at the beginning of June and one at the end of June, a few pilots, many returning guests and many more new faces to Davin Lodge and Wathaman Outpost...It was our privilege to host each and every one of you and we hope to see you again in 2019 and beyond!

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