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125 days!

Fireworks from the lake on Matt's birthday!

Happy New Year to EVERYONE who reads these blogs....all 5 of you lol! Hi Kelly from Tulsa! Well, today is January 1, 2021 and the whole family stayed up to 2404h last night....and then slept in to 0900h this morning. I am so happy to see 2020 leave and to ring in 2021. 2020 wasn't all bad for us, we have def been through worse personal toils, but it is really just the hope that a new year of a fresh start, a new beginning and new opportunities and I think the world's population really needs some positivity right now! Bring on 2021!!

I have to apologize to a couple of people right now....I was sent some very nice Christmas cards this year and I was not able to send any out myself nor reply in time. I volunteered to work a huge stretch of 10 days through Christmas and I was one busy Home Care nurse! Matt was home through Christmas and was my lifeline in the kitchen and with the kids...We had some fabulous meals during the holidays all thanks to him!

New Year, New Guy?! Where's the hair?The beard?!

As per the title of this blog....125 DAYS UNTIL WE ARE BACK IN CAMP!!! We looked at the calendar and decided to move up there between May 15-20, 2021...that does not seem like very many days to get organized, but we have done 4 times already....that means this will be our 5th year!! That is reason to celebrate, all season long!! We absolutely feel so accomplished and are very positive about the 2021 season and our 5th year!

I am busy taking bookings and things are looking quite busy in camp for 2021. Our plans or our 'list of things to do' will be solely dependent on how busy we are with guests. There are a few little things that we are planning so far, a couple of new 16' Lunds with new Yamaha motors. We think these will be the last boats we will have to buy for a good long while! We are going to build a couple more new picnic tables for around camp and for at shore lunch. Rod holders for the cabins...this has been a request by a few fishermen and we noticed there is definitely a need. Rods and tips can be fragile and with the cabins freshly painted, we don't want you to feel that you need to lean your nice rods up against the fronts of the cabins...Matt has designed a prototype for rod holders and they will be built and installed on each cabin by Matt and Milo at the beginning of the season. Also in the cabins, we will be adding some shelves in the kitchenettes and perhaps the bathrooms. This was a request from 2020 early on and it was noted by a couple of different groups. We hear you and yes its coming for 2021...not a biggie but still something nice we can do that was requested by you guys! The last of the trees behind the cabins will be cut down and cleaned up as well. I will be buying some native Saskatchewan flowers to plant behind the cabins to spruce up the rock face and add a splash of colour to the landscape! I have sourced a couple new comfy chairs for guests to relax in while sitting by the fire in the lodge...They are certainly Timber approved, so they have to be comfy!! Speaking of Timber, she is now a very patient and tolerant big sister!! We would like to introduce our new, very smart and very vocal puppy! She was born into a littler of 10 at a farm near Lloydminster and we simply knew she needed to be in our lives. It has been an interesting couple of months with her so far but she is quickly learning new tricks and trying to get some manners lol....Please meet Bark...please be patient with her as Timber shows her the ropes around camp in 2021!!

As many of you already know, there were a couple of problem bears in camp for 2020. As you can expect, there was VERY little bear hunting action in the north as it's usually American visitors who do a bear hunt and there were NO Americans in the north due to the border being closed. I expect we will see a surge in visible bears in and around the vicinity of camp. We are planning to buy extra bear spray and bear bangers to leave around camp so they are readily available for anyone to use in the event of a bear sighting or interaction.

Well, thats it for now! We hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas and we wish you all the best in 2021. Drive or Fly...Adventure North to Davin Lake Lodge in 2021!!

Matt, Danica, Milo & Freja....and of course Timber and Bark!!

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