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100 days…2 days early

Good morning to all our fisher is Sunday February 12 and we are currently 102 days until the season opens for 2023. If you are Kelly from Tulsa OK, we will see you in nearly 7 months, which is the middle of September. 100 there is a lot to get done in the next 3 months!

The season opened to book on November 1 for all our wonderful repeat clientele. I sent out the call to action and boy did you guys respond! So many of you called, texted and messaged to get your dates locked in ahead of the deadline. What is the deadline??? The deadline was November 14 so I could update the website prior to the open call on November 15, which is when I open things up to book everyone else who wants a spot for the current season. So many new people want a spot each year and it can be tough to fit everyone in, but I get it done...We are nearly sold out for the 2023 season!!

THe tackle order is almost ready and I will be sending it off this week...the tackle wall might need an expansion with all the shit I put in my cart. I got spoons, and rigs and tube jigs, new stuff, old stuff, regular stuff, standard stuff and stuff that looks like fun to try. I got a wide variety of rapalas, northern king spoons, top waters, shallow runners, deep divers and some other stuff that will look good in and round out the tackle box....not my tackle box but yours! I added some new paddles and then the only thing I will have to hunt for are some additional landing nets for the season.

Gear!!! I got some new apparel for this season...we will still have some of our standard logo green hoodies, light weight t-shirts and 3-4 styles of hats, but I thought we would add a Microfleece zip up, great for layering on those cold hood to get in the way and bulk up the layers either. I will get the kids to model them when they arrive and will post some pics for you all to see.

So what's happening this season??? Pretty much status quo....we have expanded the number of Wathaman slots this year, there will be a dozen groups to ferry back and forth which will keep Matt extremely busy. The Davin camp will be a revolving door of ins and outs from start to finish. With that many Wathaman groups this year I anticipate you all will be seeing me and Milo a bit more out at shore lunch! We will get everything ready and head out and Matt will meet us on his way back from Wathaman. We did not book out any time off for us as a family but will rather take advantage of the short lulls when we only have Independent groups in camp. THe kids are at the age where they dont need me to entertain them at all times...they have their independence and like it that way.

We are hoping to shuffle some buildings, tearing some down and building some new ones up, but taking advantage of the cement pads that are currently in place. Not sure at what point of the season the tearing down and building will commence, but I anticipate it will be near the end when we are winding down.

I have another new boat/motor purchased for the season, which should complete the fleet for the next couple of years. When we increase capacity we will need to look at adding a couple more, but like I said, we are status quo for this season.

The campsites are not as busy as they were last year, but there is still lots of time for people to get in on the camping action...short notice is fine too. I always have a campsite empty and will be happy to open the gate for someone who books last minute.

What do I have left to book for 2023? There are just a handful of cabins left and the available dates are listed below. If you would like to book in for one of the dates listed please contact me with the preferred dates. These date ranges are for single cabins generally so please keep that in mind when booking your group.

July 29-August 4---not sure why August long weekend is always last to book out, but it is usually a very light week.

August 14-19-the last of the summer weather usually-Perseids meteor shower peaks! Lay out on the runway after dark to catch them streaking across the sky!

August 25-September 3-big pike are turning on again

September 5-11-trophy pike, ask me where!!

The kitchen closes on September 15

September 15-25-wind down time, trout are shallowing, camp will be light and we will be in work mode. Explore the lake to find fall walleye..ask me where!

That's it for now folks, thanks to all who have booked with us for 2023, we look forward to the season start and having you all back in camp!

Talk soon,

Matt, Danica, Milo, Freja and of course Timber and BARK!!

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