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Mean Looking Trophy Pike on 5 of Diamonds-Davin Lake Fishing Lodge Northern Saskatchewan

Welcome to Davin Lake Lodge, a hidden gem fishing lodge that is family owned and operated!  We pride ourselves on a welcoming, relaxed and friendly fishing camp atmosphere in the heart of the Northern Boreal Forest of Northern Saskatchewan.

Davin Lake Lodge 2020 Family Porch Pic

The clean, crisp waters of Davin Lake hold a variety of fish including the trifecta of Northern Pike, Walleye and lake Trout.  These species are the preferred daily catch and our diverse waters hold countless trophy pike, endless numbers of gigantic walleye and stacks of monster lake trout!  Our generous take-home limits ensure you leave with enough fish to feed all your friends, but our trophy fish are strictly catch and release!  This is a long-standing Davin Lake Lodge tradition that ensures we protect the rich fishing habitat of Davin and Wathaman Lake for future generations.

Boys Trip...Walleye and Trout Galore

43" Trophy Pike-This lady had not fished for 30yrs. First cast into the Davin River and BOOM! Excellent fish, with a perfect catch and release...To be caught another day!

Trophy Pike-Davin Lake Fishing Lodge

Fishing camp in Northern Saskatchewan

Rain or Shine, Trophy Pike Fishing with Davin Lake Fishing Lodge does not disappoint!!!

Another Trophy Pike from Davin Lake Fishing Lodge

~First time guest who caught his personal best!

Walleye Fishing with Davin Lake Fishing Lodge 

Our walleye fishing is some of the most unbelievable in North Saskatchewan.  Our fishery has not been pressured by overfishing or commercial fishing and we still operate with generous take home limits for all fishermen.  Our historical practice of catch and release for trophy fish has protected our rich fishing habitat to ensure success for many generations to come.  The cold water and short growing season contributes to an increased age of the trophy walleye caught.  An 8lb walleye could be upwards of 25 years old! This is the reason our fishing lodge works so hard to protect our trophy fish!

Another  first time Davin Lake  Fishing Lodge guest catching trophy walleye!

The next generation...Look at that face!  Then check out his deadly walleye!

First time Davin Lake Fishing Lodge guest...spent a week + camping with his son and memorized the lake with ease!  Caught  many walleye just like this one!

Trout fishing with Davin Lake Fishing Lodge

Dominant and plentiful throughout June during our ice-off period, Lake trout are aggressive toward other species and will put up a good fight for fishermen when it comes to being hooked!  As lake temperatures warm up the trout head for deeper, cooler water and give pike more of a chance to feed in the shallow waters.  Many people believe that Lake Trout can be smelly or oily, but with Davin Lake Trout that is just not the case.  Our lakes are upwards of 150' deep in areas where trout like to stack up during the warmer months.  The trout always come from cold temps and can be some of the freshest tasting fish there is!  The trout will shallow up again as fall approaches and water temps cools off in mid September.  The trout again become the dominant species of the lake in an effort to prepare shallow, rocky areas for females to spawn.  Lake Trout is our family's favourite for take home because they are a versatile light tasting fish that pairs well with salads, compliments red meats and is excellent when smoked !

This fellow is one of our many favorite returning guests, we were so happy for him to catch this great  lake trout!

2 lake trout with different colouring...caught within minutes of each other.

Freshly caught shore lunch for Davin Lake Fishing Lodge.  What a treat to sample all 3 species in one sitting!

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After visiting this summer, all I can say is that we left with a little piece of our hearts at Davin Lake Lodge and cannot wait to go back!  If you or someone you know is sitting on the fence about maybe taking a fishing trip-then by all means contact this lodge!  I cannot say enough good about it.


Becky Lins

Beautiful location, fantastic fishing, nice cabins, amazing hosts and fabulous food!!  What is there not to love!  Highly recommend staying here, it is well worth the drive.  Thanks for everything you guys, we will definitely be back!!

 Krysten Sullivan

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