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Historic Future

Updated: Dec 17, 2018

This is me being lazy at the portage...;D

Hello from the North....sitting here in camp after I had some EPIC photos sent to me from our last crew at Wathaman...who left just this morning. I posted them to facebook, but I realize many people don't utilize this platform or any social media.... I myself took a nearly 4 year hiatus and begrudgingly only went back on for promoting Davin. Current and past guests/friends of Davin and Wathaman lakes KNOW this lake is a hidden gem in the North, but new people just checking us out for the first time may be on the fence about driving/flying this far and starting over on a new lake...I get it!

When Matt and I decided to buy a lodge, we had a mean list of criteria that had to be met: Could not be lease land, the lodge had to be in standing condition, it had to be in driving distance and we had to be able to renovate not entirely rebuild. AND...the lake had to be in good shape fishing wise. We hit the jackpot when we found Davin Lake Lodge, it was meant to be! Deeded land, AWESOME lodge, clean and tidy cabins (just need some lipstick), and the lakes.....oh man, not one but two lakes...Davin and Wathaman! We are the ONLY lodge on both these expansive lakes....I mean, Wathaman is nearly twice the size of big and little Davin....rivers, marshes, channels, islands galore, an outpost....we were in love at first sight! Then we went fishing and that sealed the deal....I'm sure Irvin took us to all his hot spots, but I did my research...I pulled fisheries data, talked with conservation, biologists, locals and even the original owner/builder Wes B. There was always a rumbling that these lakes were fished out way back in the day...but everyone I talked to confirmed that these lakes were now the place to be for Northerns, Walleye and Trout.

Irvin had a long standing tradition that all trophy fish be returned to the waters, the take-home limits were high enough that you shouldn't want to take the trophy because they are the breeding stock and they are no good to eat anyways. Even if you wanted to take a trophy, you couldn't because you wouldn't mess with big old Irvin (he's really a teddybear).

His scrutiny has lead to a massive outbreak in population for the 3 species caught on these lakes....and for that I thank him! One other thing I would like to thank Irvin for is his high vacancy rate over the years.....this was really a hobby for him I think. He closed the lodge and went home to harvest his farm and no one was on Davin after August long weekend. Listen to me when I say this: Less than 20 people a year fished Wathaman for the last 15 years....less than about 120 people fished Davin every year for the last 15 years!!!

Now, Matt and I have the privilege of continuing his conservation efforts and protecting Davin and Wathaman Lakes while sharing and spreading the word about the incredible fishing there is up here. This is the NEW DAVIN LAKE LODGE....we want you to fish here because its unbelievably good fishing in a breathtaking location with hosts who are young and here for the next 25 years, making improvements to camp and amenities and ensuring your stay is filled with real fish stories, not fish tails! hahahaha!

I still have lots of open cabins for July, August and September....I would love to put you in a cabin, feed you some BBQ and set you out on our lakes to hunt for the big one or to just catch your limit to take home. Message me today and we can firm up some dates!

In the meantime, check out the Wathaman Crew photos they just sent me...if that doesn't make you want to come check out these lakes I don't know what will!

Drive or fly...Adventure North to Davin Lake Lodge


Trevor 41" 17.71 lbs

Richard 46" 25.29lbs

Same guy...different fish! Richard 45" 23.62lbs

THE BEAST!! Trent Johnston 46" 25.29lbs Check out his smile! Makes Davin Lodge PROUD to have these Saskatoon boys fish with us!

44" 22.01lbs

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Ron Grover
Ron Grover
Jul 29, 2018

Those are some real nice Jacks. Our biggest was 44" and 28.3 lbs out of Tobin Lake. Congrats to all you guys!

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