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Things to note before your trip to Davin Lake Lodge

Go online and get your fishing licence for Saskatchewan click below to start.

All booked guests are required to bring their own blanket or sleeping bag for their stay.  If bedding is forgotten, DLL will provide clean bedding.  

Pilots will need to confirm, prior to arrival, if bedding needs to be provided.

All beds will have a fresh base sheet.

Optional: Download the app AVENZA Maps.  It is a FREE offline lake map that allows you to use GPS without a cellular signal.  Select the Wathaman map to download.  Can be very useful while on the show up as a blue dot and it will track your movements on the lake. Please do this prior to arriving in camp as the wifi data amount is limited.

Download any other apps or data prior to leaving as there is no streaming in camp due to limited data and hours for wifi.

On the way...Great place to stop for tackle is at the Lake Country Co-Op Gas Bar and Pro Tackle Shop on 2nd Avenue in Prince Albert.  Its a busy little place and it has a huge selection of tackle!

When in La Ronge, you can stop at Robertson Trading Post on La Ronge Avenue along the shore line.  It is an iconic store that offers plenty of handcrafts, gifts and treasures.
Before leaving La Ronge, text or email to say you are starting on the North road.

Churchill River Bridge at Missinpe.  Go across the bridge and pullout to the right or left into the campground.  You can park, use your cell phone, have a bathroom and beverage break then walk the bridge to admire the raging river.  In the spring and summer you may be lucky enough to witness a boat running up the rapids, or catch canoers riding down the river.  Also in summer, there are many people who jump OFF the bridge into the river below.

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