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Keeping busy in the cold

Pssst....hey you....ya you...from Edmonton, Unity, Calgary, Saskatoon, Swift Current, Medicine Hat, Limerick, Surrey, Warman, Humboldt, Leduc, Salt Lake City, Helena, Weyburn, Creston, Lloydminster, Eagle, Macklin, Denver, Westminster, Cold Lake, Parker, Dayton, Regina, Billings, Grand Prairie, Boise, Livingston.....I still have availability in July and August, so send me an email or give me a call and we can book your Adventure North to Davin Lake Lodge because 2020 will be EPIC!!!

website notifications
Davin Lake Lodge website notifications

website notifications
Davin Lake Lodge website notifications

The website has been crazy....all day long I get notifications that someone is checking us out...I love it!! We are just about to roll 10K visitors on the site, so that will be a cool thing to see!

Update for our Facebook give-away: The winner of the $250 USD Cabelas gift card was Chris Hornby from Saskatchewan! He was grateful and surprised to be chosen....I hope he sends me a picture of a full shopping cart!

We were in Billings MT January 17-19 for the Great Rockies Sportshow. I was super lucky Matt took off a few days allowing us to drive down together without KIDS!!! Billings is a great city with a large trading area so the show drew a big crowd, The Davin lake booth was shown on the local news, it was mentioned on a local radio show and we also connected with the Montana Pikemasters and signed up to advertise in their quarterly magazine! With big attendance for all 3 days, there was lots of interest in fishing! We signed up a couple groups for 2020 and it was a positive experience allowing us to expand our name in the Montana market!

Great Rockies Sportshow 2020 Billings MT
Davin Lake Lodge in Billings MT for the Great Rockies Sportshow

Great Rockies Sportshow 2020 Billings MT
Davin Lake Lodge Billings 2020

Thank-you Billings MT


Matt's countdown is different from mine....he will start his first supply haul North in 92 days!!! I can hardly believe it! He is working on the road right now, but when he is back we need to get barrels out of storage and put them in the garage to start packing. What am I packing??? My countdown is at 110 days until the kids and I go in for the season. I am watching flyers to get some staples on sale, like COFFEE, paint brushes, shampoo, beer...all the little things. Then as the days tick by I can focus on buying from main vendors....Fishing Hole, Costco, Pinnacle Distribution & TGP among others. You would be surprised at how fast I can fill a dozen barrels with stuff!! I can hardly believe we are getting ready for another season....its so sad to come back but gearing up to go again is really right around the corner!! I got a new rod/reel that I'm rigging up for walleye...I am gonna slay!!!

A NEW LOOK is coming really soon for Davin Lake Lodge!!! I am working with a very talented local-to-Saskatchewan graphic designer to get a new logo designed. With a new logo will come new gear...hats, sweaters and shirts emblazoned with our new logo and colours for the 2020 season! What I have seen so far is awesome and I can't wait for the final version to debut on the website!

As I mentioned early on in the post, I am booking for July and August at the main camp. I have spaces for All-Inclusive as well as Independent Adventures. Wathman Outpost has 5 slots left....July and will be closed around August 18, so don't delay to book in for the Outpost because it's already half sold for 2020!

I am definitely keeping busy in the cold, lots of stuff to do, organize and dream about! But you my dear fisherman....quit daydreaming about fishing this summer, give me a call for help planning your Adventure North to Davin Lake Lodge and Wathaman Outpost in 2020!!


Danica, Matt, Milo Freja & Timber of course

Drive or Fly...Adventure North to DLL

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