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a culmination of months in Pictures!!!

Okay, so all 2020 fish pics that we taken by us or that were sent to us are now posted under the pictures 2020 tab....Just all the fish pictures. Here is the rest of the season from early July onward in photos...I will caption some so you know what you are looking at. I suggest reading the accompanying blog post that talks about some of the photos.

painted and screened porch

bear break-in...matt was pissed it ate his pie!

scratched countertop and a licked clean pie plate!

August long -matt's birthday fireworks and apple pie moonshine!

Helicopter---matt and I snuck out late at night and tagged the chopper with our logo!

Super thankful to Axiom Exploration, Access Helicopters and Gem Oil for letting us go up for a ride

Matt doing double duty...packing the runway and mowing at the same time...he is probably waving me down for water

One of our shout-outs went to this father and son duo in the campground...Awesome setup guys!

doesn't get any more fresh or organic

wood front of the woodshed...from cutting behind the cabins

started to put it away...
Lots of trees had to go!

behind cabins 3/4

starting tin on the fillet house

Kevin helping Matt with can see Kevin has his crocs in 4x4 mode

Aerial drone, just matt rock climbing

Beauty shot by KVR

Perhaps my favourite photo of the year...taken by KVR

One of our favourite spots to you know where this is?

This was THE funniest moment in camp...obviously we like to have fun, Kevin's wife and family was up and that was his wife Erin on the camera! The best part is Kevin truly has a fish hook tattooed on his ass!

Our favourite gift from the season was our new logo hand-painted on a river rock...we truly meet the best people on this adventure!

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