ALL booked guests are REQUIRED to complete a Self-Assessment on the Saskatchewan website one day prior to travel

On arrival to DLL, guests will be screened with a temperature check.  If any guest(s) on arrival or throughout the duration of a stay is deemed to be unwell, the entire group will be isolated to their cabin and returned home the following day. No exceptions.

All booked guests are required to bring a pillow and blanket for their stay.  If bedding is forgotten, DLL will provide clean bedding.  

Pilots will need to confirm prior to arrival if bedding needs to be provided by DLL

All beds will have a fresh triple sheet layer.

Click the above button to open a page on the Saskatchewan website that will provide the latest Reopen Saskatchewan Plan

This is a big document that I heave read in its entirety.  Pages pertaining to DLL operations are listed as follows:

pg 53-Workplace Food and Accommodation Guidelines

pg 54-Restaurant Guidelines

pg 60-Hotel/Motel Guidelines

pg 126-Outfitting Guidelines

We will be following the Saskatchewan Reopen plan as it pertains to Outfitting camp operations.  It is not for DLL to determine if travel is appropriate for an individual.