June 22, 2020

The border between USA/Canada remains closed with restrictions.  There have been multiple reports of Americans in the Banff area and they are now being fined $1200.

The next border decision is to be due July 21...we will wait and see for any further announcements regarding this issue.  I have a few Americans booked in for 2020 and I will be contacting you in the next few days.  I have already rebooked one group for shortly after the next border announcement and we will go from there.

June 10, 2020

~Released June 9, 2020 by Global News as well as by CBC that the Canada/USA border will remain closed until late July. The border announcement has typically been made on the 21st of the month by PM Justin Turdeau regarding the border situation so I will wait to see if there is a more official announcement from the Government of Canada on June 21.

~We are open to Alberta residents!!  I have been getting lots of questions from Albertans wanting to travel in to us.  The Saskatchewan Provincial Parks are limited to Saskatchewan residents but Davin Lake Lodge is not located in a SK Provincial Park.


May 29, 2020

Not much is new on the Covid front and I will only be posting if there is new information pertaining directly to our camp.

-There are no travel restrictions into the eastern portion of the NSAD in Saskatchewan.  People from out of province can enjoy Northern Saskatchewan as long as they don't stop in small Indigenous and Metis settlements along the way (I am not referring to La Ronge).

-If you are travelling in to us, I ask that you lIMIT STOPS in La Ronge to essential things like fuel or a drive thru for food.

There are a number of changes in camp and there will be a printed guideline for everyone who arrives.  The main items that one needs to know before arriving:

ALL GUESTS MUST complete the 'Self-Assessment" on the Saskatchewan.ca website the day prior to leaving.  Please complete the assessment and follow the resulting instructions.  If someone from your group is no longer advised to travel please contact your group leader to let me know.  We would rather you stay home and visit us later in the year or next year than risk your friends and my family.

-ALL GUESTS MUST bring their own sleeping bag and pillow.  Our mattresses will have a freshly washed triple sheet layer to protect you and our mattresses.

-PLEASE BRING some hand sanitizer....I have quite a bit on site but it will be difficult to gauge supply and demand this early in the season and it is an extreme and timely challenge for me to get more right away.

-The people you travel in with are your working group or cohort.  GROUPS MUST practice social distancing between cohort's.

-Each cohort cabin will have a prepared bleach spray bottle.  Cabins are required to use the spray in areas outside of their cabin that are considered shared. (BBQ's, picnic tables, lodge door, etc). This practice will be further outlined in the guidelines when you arrive.

-There will be hand sanitizer throughout the camp for everyone to use.

THE INTERNATIONAL border between Canada and the USA  remains closed to travel.  The Prime Minister is making a monthly decision and announcement regarding the status of the border every month on the 21st day...the next announcement is due June 21, 2020.  Once the border opens, all international travellers are required to quarantine for 14 days to monitor symptoms....this isolation cannot be done in our camp!


May 19, 2020

As, of today, the travel restriction into the eastern side of the NSAD has been lifted and is open for non-essential travel. This means that you can travel to and through La Ronge, Sk into the northern part of the province....to where we are located!!!  This is great news and a big relief for many outfitters who are prepared to open with the new guidelines.  There will be a map coming out showing the  remaining travel restrictions on the western side of the province and I can post that when it becomes available.

I ask that if you are travelling in to visit us, please limit your stops within La Ronge to fuel only.  

One thing to note is the international border with the United States will remain closed to all travel until  at least June 21, when Mr Trudeau is to re-evaluate foreign travel.

There are many new guidelines  that all guests need to be aware of .  I will contact your group leader prior to travel, as this person is responsible for ensuring all members of a group are well, and not exhibiting any symptoms of Covid 19. The day before travel, all guests must complete the self-assessment too on the Saskatchewan.ca website, (as shown below).  On arrival, there will be a form to fill out where you will attest you are free of Covid 19 symptoms.  At that time, you will be housed in a cabin with your vehicle travel mates...this is your working group.  As a working group you will be given a camp guidelines sheet with all the pertinent information and the expectations of each group regarding Covid 19.

All guests must bring their own sleeping bag and pillow.  I will have a limited amount of pillows and blankets for use if someone forgets.  Please bring your own quantity of hand sanitizer.  I have purchased multiple litres of hand sanitizer but it will be difficult for me to gauge demand  this early in the season.

6 more days until the season opens!


May 15, 2020

I am a part of an outfitters working group lead by the SCPO , to develop Covid-19 measures to be implemented in the Outfitting Industry.  We had a conference call today and revised the final draft that will be presented to the Province early next week.  These guidelines will manage our day to day operations and help us to best serve our guests in a safe manner in relation to Covid-19. I will post the final draft here when it becomes available next week. The Province is well aware of our desire to safely begin operations, and the go ahead to open has already been given to Outfitters in the southern portion of the province.  The  issue with operations in the NSAD (Northern Administrative District) is the travel restriction into the  area.  Outfitters and their employees have now been granted a letter of exemption to travel in to their respective camps. (We are already in camp and did not require the travel exemption.)

SCPO is diligently working with the  Province, Population Health, as well as the Chiefs of La Ronge and Air Ronge, to get clarification and specific direction in regards to non-essential travel in and through the NSAD.

The Saskatchewan Re-Open Plan is a very large document and information pertaining to outfitters can be found starting on Page 48. Below is the Saskatchewan website, scroll down to  Re-open Saskatchewan and download the document , read starting at page 48.

This is the latest information I have and as we all have come to realize, information is changing frequently. I will post here when pertinent new information becomes available.  The next hurdle to overcome is to have the travel restrictions lifted for the NSAD.  Once that happens, we will be gone fishing!!  Fingers crossed for "Tight Lines in 2020" folks!


May 12, 2020

We are awaiting regulation and policy to be created by the Saskatchewan Commission of Professional Outfitters (SCPO) on behalf of Saskatchewan Outfitters.  The policy is drafted, I have given my own input into the policies and we are awaiting the final draft to be submitted to the Ministry of Environment, the office of the Chief Medical Health Officer /Population Health as well as Premier Scott Moe's office. We eagerly await a decision regarding our proposed Outfitter Covid-19 policies to be able to operate for the 2020 season.

There is currently a travel restriction to the NSAD (Northern Saskatchewan Administrative District) which is where Davin Lake is located.  This is a Public Health Order that states no-one is allowed to travel to/from/through the NSAD until further notice.  This is due to an outbreak in LaLoche (800km away) and it is also to protect the northern communities and settlements within the NSAD from exposure to Covid-19.  There are 2 separate manned blockades which are mandatory to stop at and they are both located South of LaROnge.  Do not attempt to cross unless your travel is considered essential.

We are well aware that information and policies regarding Covid-19 are changing almost daily.  Saskatchewan has started to implement the 5-phase reopen the economy plan and we hope Outfitters within the NSAD will be given specific Covid-19 regulations to implement in an effort to salvage the 2020 season.  I have been busy letter writing and sorting through the daily new information so I can advocate for Davin Lake Lodge and the outfitting industry.

As of today, my guests booked in for the first 2-weeks of June have cancelled or postponed until there is concrete direction from the Ministry of Environment , Population Health and the Province of Saskatchewan.  I urge our 2020 booked guests to review our cancellation policy and contact me further if you have any other questions.  I will update this page with a dated post as new information becomes available.


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